endless pitbull. MWL legal. 18-2 in swiss (4 comps)

Mr_Console 14

original influcence for this was Dave Hoyland's most excellent endless waltz deck. Whilst the core concept is similar there are some differences outlined below (Dave's deck http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/20850/leela-endless-waltz-v5-sheffield-regional-winner-). Dave has much wisdom to share about this ID, and I would listen to everything he has to say on it. He also has published the decklist he used at worlds, which has some other changes, however I used this as my inspiration and have been playing this pretty exclusively for about 8 months, refining and adjusting over time.

Whilst the store champs I placed in was in 2016(4th - two times now!), it was before MWL came in. Im currently playing a regional comp (1 match per week, 6 rounds swiss, cut to top 4) with this list, and its currently undefeated at this stage, but I'm only two games in so will see what happens. other comps I have played in but not placed were due to poor corp performance, always loosing on tiebreak for cut to top :( (story of my life....).

strat: this deck should be played hyper aggressive except against foodcoats. FC is definitely the worst match up, but more later. With Jinteki, appropriate precautions are needed, but you still want to run run run.

You want to run at least once per turn, more if you can and keep the corp on the back foot. Force them to either pay for rezzing or get cards bounced. good targets for bouncing at central ice (HQ/R&D) or that double advanced card in the remote, don't forget that pressure needs to move around... a bit like a never ending dance....

'classic criminal' plays of running long as you can without breakers is great, however a early sentry is usually a good play. if they ice R&D, hammer HQ and vice versa. Dont forget you can go HQ and once iced install sneakdoor and keep going. Remember that it's unlikely that your opponent will be the beatdown, so remember to play to Leela's strengths.

Differences: Much of the differences have been due to fine tuning against what i see alot (foodcoats, NBN FA, NBN kill, occasional Jinteki something - usually RP) and as such the changes reflect what I think is a stronger game against FC than the endless waltz list. Don't be fooled though, its still tough.

HQI over legwork, HQI is better than legwork if you are running sneakdoor. LW is great for surprise blowouts but HQI applies pressure both mentally and physically. I usually forgo HQI against Jinteki net damage decks. Dave also has spoken previously about cost of cards in this deck, but i don't usually run short of moneyin my experince. plus once HQI is on, it's a gift that keeps on giving.

no Zu - I use passport and cerberus instead. Many people like Zu, but i found that with smart plays cerberus usually tends to be more effective both in cost and threat. Additionally in my meta mutli sub code gates seem to be a thing, so this is the better choice for hitting remotes. Zu is a safe bet, but tune to your meta.

Bank job over security testing, with the number of shell game and NBN remote spam decks this is a better option in my opinion. Plus a bank job on the board often seems 'scarier' to the corp than sec testing.

Drive by - is to handle foodcoats, this decks worst match up. It's good for getting rid of breaker bay grid and their early economy. Mid to late game its good for getting rid of ash/caprice before you make that super expensive run into the scoring remote. Also comes in helpful with some jinteki decks.

Quest completed - still unsure about this card, it might get changed for something else. it was put in to help with the foodcoat match up. at this stage im still unsure, as I have only used it once or twice. definitely a flex slot.

no Lucky find - see bank job. plus bank is 1 credit and two clicks for 8. LF is 3 credits and two clicks for 9. whilst LF is less situational, its also one influence.

stimhack - for hitting deep servers in glacier matches

before MWL - Apocalypse was in this deck. Criminal loves early game and this card lets you revert back to that. however, with MWL coming in i have yet to miss it.

Foodcoats match up - with FC usual plan is to try and win out of R&D before they can get into gear. This means hammering this server, but not blindly. you need to probe and pressure everywhere else, but with R&D being your main priority. Kati Jones early on is important for this matchup, you will probably need a turn where 15-30 credits will be needed close out the game when you run everything. Both loses in comp have been to FC and every win has come down to the wire, where the corp would have won next turn. so whilst I have had a good win rate, its as much good luck as skill when you're in the late game.

other thoughts:

Symmetrical visage is a real powerhouse in this deck.

Usual good stuffs criminal (Acc siphon, inside job, E shutdown, etc) all really come into play with this deck. its pure criminal at heart.

Special order is great for getting what you need, don't be afraid spend two clicks or a turn setting up if you can run more than once next turn.

16 Feb 2016 aero

Fun deck, like the differences between your deck and that of Dark Lord Hoyland.

...Is Rex a pitbull? I always thought it to be modeled after some bulldog or rottweiler.

16 Feb 2016 Mr_Console

it's a pitbull because your constantly attacking the opponent. Like a dog after a bone....