FoodshopRestaurantCafe (1st Place, Flat Land Games SC)

Zolend 193

This is a modified version of Josh Wilson’s Foodcoats list that I helped him test prior to this tournament. He talked me into running this instead of Mumba Temple RP and I am very thankful for that :D

Foodcoats is nothing new so instead of going over the general strategy of the deck, I’ll just got over a few card choices that may differ from other lists.

3x Eli 1.0 and 3x Architect were absolutely incredible in an Anarch heavy meta. They shut Noise down pretty hard and slow down Whizzard considerably. The only thing I can see cutting is an Architect for a Crisium Grid, improving the siphon/eater matchup.

This influence spread means only one Caprice Nisei but I think HB depends on its ice too much to make cuts for a second copy. Caprice was fantastic when I saw it, creating scoring opportunities and winning games I wouldn’t have without it. I don’t recommend swapping her for Tollbooths or tech cards.

Josh packed this list full of high impact, taxing bioroids but I found myself really wanting some hard ETRs in the early game so I supplemented them by including Wall of Static and Enigma 1.0. While this idea was sound and I’m glad I did, I think they might have been better as IQs instead.

Another change from his list was Ichi 2.0 > Heimdal 1.0. I found in testing that I never felt like installing or rezzing Ichi 2.0. While Heimdal is obviously expensive, when I had excess economy it felt very strong in securing the scoring remote.

The new bioroid on the block, Vikram 1.0 usually went on R&D and proved very annoying to deal with. I even nailed Noise with two brain damage early on in the finals, slowing down his set up and making Faust much harder to use effectively.

Another thing that might separate this list from normal Foodcoats is the inclusion of two Biotic Labors, which give you the ability speed up the game when you have an economical advantage and helps close out the last two points. Most Anarchs will not be sitting on Clot against you so I think this is a fairly reliable game plan. The argument could be made for Archived Memories instead of one of Biotic but I like the consistency offered by having two of.

Advanced Concept Hopper was pretty amazing when I scored it and I know some people are including 3 of these in their foodcoats but I think for this version the Vitrivius are invaluable. I won many games by fast advancing or never advancing Vits. I even snuck one out in a close game by top decking it and immediately jamming it in the one ice remote that had been housing assets all game.

Overall this deck performed well, even through horrible no ice starts and agenda floods. I lost two games on the day with it, one to Minh MaxX because I couldn’t find a second turing for HQ and one to Whizzard mostly due to my error. Having never really played Foodcoats prior to the tournament, it was a fun learning experience and I definitely recommending taking it for a spin if you are having trouble with these Dumbleforks and Shoplords.

16 Feb 2016 sruman

Given the experience with Minh-Maxx, what would you think about slotting a Crisium? Given the current Whizzard scourge? Any thoughts on moving away from Eve's to restructures?

17 Feb 2016 Zolend

@sruman I think -1 Architect +1 Crisium -1 Biotic +1 Ichi might be a good change to include Crisium Grid in the deck. It certainly helps some match ups assuming you find it fast enough. You could also take out a Cyberdex instead of dropping Biotic.

I think Eve is a good thing to have for a glacier deck, I'm not sure if Restructures are better when you are packing BBG. Eve can be expensive for Whizzard to trash early game and if he's getting in your remote late game reliably you've probably got bigger problems than restructure will solve. That said, I did include one Restructure over Eve to speed the deck up a tiny bit and to be less reliant on her.