Valeventcia (1st Place, Flat Land Games SC)

Zolend 193

TheBigBoy's ever popular Whizzard deck with a Valencia twist.

This list felt very strong against most every corp deck but it lost to a fine tuned NEH fastrobiotics once (and very nearly twice in the final match).

Never needed Levy but it was nice to know I could use it if needed.

Medium is a good card. Combined with ice destruction and blackmail, I had a 13 counter double medium run one game to close it out.

I didn't reinvent the wheel here so I won't go too in depth but if you have questions, let me know!

16 Feb 2016 sruman

Congrats on the SC Zolend. Given no tutor and only 2 Faust, did you ever encounter old school "anarch problems" in not finding your breaker in 50 cards? Did blackmail + parasite handle those situations?

17 Feb 2016 Zolend

@sruman I saw Faust fairly reliably but sometimes you can be lacking in the tools you need. Blackmail and Parasite can be nice ways of biding your time until you have Wyldside and economy going. One of the benefits of Whizzard is being able to trash assets during this time as well. Generally he will have a better early game and Val's tools will help more the grindier glacier games in my experience.