National Museum of Ronin

Popeye09 147

Hide the agendas. Cycle everything through archives. Don't even think about scoring before they've Levy AR Lab Access-ed at least once (Well, maybe you can sneak out a one-pointer if they're being passive. But don't go overboard.). Put ICE on centrals mostly. Put Data Mines over assets mostly. Recur everything. A copy of Jackson Howard will let you shuffle agendas back into R&D through Museum of History with no risk.

Hostile Infrastructure is a horrible card if they refuse to play the trash-race, or fall behind. Don't try to build remotes. Keep installing assets. Try to keep a Dedication Ceremony in hand. If they end their turn with two cards (or if you can help them to do so), Tech Startup enables the Ronin kill from R&D or from Archives if you also have Museum of History installed. Fire your Ronin proactively if you are on top with assets and can easily recur them. Keep doing so. Allele Repression-Dedication Ceremony can return themselves plus another card from Archives, to do the same indefinitely, in the process putting some HQ cards facedown in Archives to be museum-ed back in as desired. Often the best use of Subliminal Messaging when you're already rich is to bounce it back to hand and discard again as a facedown card.

If you can make it expensive enough to trash stuff (in both credits and cards), install two copies of Ronin and boldly advance them in the Runner's face. But if not, after an hour or so, they will run out of cards (and probably willpower, to be brutally honest). Kill them.

You might be able to score out your big agendas, but it will probably be through fear of fatal damage rather than forcing the issue.