Sunny with a chance of Whoopass

Drakos 2

For the most part this is a standard Sunny Deck. But their are enough differences I though I'd publish it and get some feedback.

One glaring difference is the omission of the Globalsec Security Clearance. I do like this card, but I found myself rarely utilizing it's ability because I didn't think I could afford the click. It was nice when I could, but in the end I felt that I'd opt for something to help speed the early game up a bit, putting the clicks to a different use.

That brings me to the inclusion of Chatterjee University. Instead of putting clicks into GSC, I put them onto good ol' Chatterjee U. One of the complaints I here often is that Sunny's Breakers are expensive, not just to use, but to play in the first place. The Modded's help, but I like the overall pay back for the Click's from Chatterjee U. Play it for one click and a credit, put 5 clicks on it and you will be able to get your entire program suit out for 6 credits, and that is assuming you didn't use Modded for any of it. Drop the three breakers for free, if you play them in descending order, and then get two credit discount on the first Multithreaded and one credit off the second. Modded the last on for even more savings.

Yes I realize that you rarely get your breakers all in the right order, but I have found that Chatterjee University is a significant boon in speeding up the early game. Plus I love the look on the Corp's face when I go from no breakers to full suite in three clicks and run the data fort they though was safe.

The Artist Colony's and Film Critic were meta calls. Currently seeing heavy use of News team and Shi.Kyu as well as those pesky Jinteki agendas.