Solfood (Post MWL)

Orbital Tangent 163

I took a slightly different version of this to Mead Hall SC and it dropped no games, going 5-0 with one of those being a very winnable Timed Win due to a long ass Runner game.

Credit must be given to gumOnShoe and TheBigBoy as well as Stimhack for providing the building blocks of this deck. Several ideas here were taken from those sources. This is my take on Sol, post Most Wanted List.


The idea of the deck is to work around hate by being versatile enough to switch modes of play between Glacier, Rush, and Fast Advance based on matchup and board state. That's how Sol rolls.

The deck is NOT as good at Glacier as HB, and it is NOT as good at FA as NEH, and ain't the king of Rush by a long shot, but it is focused enough on each to use them as viable paths to victory.

I had a bigger write-up, but here's just the really key things.


This is where the magic begins. This may or may not be the best Glacier agenda suite in the game, but it feels like it is to me. Let's go through it:

First, 15 Minutes and Global Food Initiative puts the deck at an effective 16-17 points in deck for the Runner and 20 for Corp. With Project Beale, this discrepancy increases further to 22+ for Corp.

Second, there's 9 agendas with none being more than 2 points for the Runner, meaning they need to score 4. Of those, 8 are reliable points, but the aforementioned 15 Minutes just wastes their time if it isn't the last score.

Now, gumOnShoe will tell you that 3x Food/2x Beale is a mistake because it makes SanSan worse, and that is true. But, his setup loses the benefit of minimum agenda density if with 1x Food, so "bad" SanSans is the trade here. Deck still has 5x 3/2s and 3x Fast Track, so its a punt.


Our Lord and Savior Jackson Howard needs no introduction. It does need to be mentioned that 3x isn't always necessary to deal with agenda flood, so using him as remote bait or to aggressively recur economy isn't a bad idea.


SanSan City Grid is included at 3x because it needs to come up early to stick. Global Food Initiative can get scored with this plus AstroScript Pilot Program if it was installed at start of turn, or can be done out of hand with two AstroScript Pilot Program scored.

Will-o'-the-Wisp is here because it falls into the Rush plan, and it is an influence free way to try and lock a remote. It turns gear checks back on without requiring a huge credit discrepancy, and even better is that it turns off Faust in decks with no tutors after a fresh Levy.


Paywall Implementation is dumb. With Pop-up Window, it makes 2, which is pretty close to all that is need to score 6 of 9 agendas. R&D lightly defended by these two is fine if there's a fist full of cred to be made from it.

Interns allows SanSan spam until it sticks and, if facing Whizzard, throwing a Will-o'-the-Wisp back into the remote with a SanSan to force the Faust snipe. Also gets back ICE.

Fast Track is the best agenda in the deck. R&D lock ain't a thing if you can just poach one out at will, and SanSan + Astro train out of deck. This card is a savior with the low agenda density.

Targeted Marketing and Predictive Algorithm are just in there to up Current density and turn on News Hound. They are situationally useful. My favorite trick is switching to a Predictive Algorithm after the first score on a Medium dig.


There's no need to really explain any of this. NBN's stuff is just baller. It should go where it needs to tax. This is all matchup dependent.

Maybe, maybe Little Engine looks a little odd? It is hard for Faust or D4v1D to go through it repeatedly. That's the only reason for it. If they want to blow it up with Spooned, they have to break the money subroutine, and that's better than losing a Tollbooth.


I'm willing to admit this is not perfect, and it certainly ain't Tier 1. But this is my favorite deck. I can see a few ways to season it to taste that are great:

-1x Paywall Implementation, -1x Will-o'-the-Wisp, +1x Targeted Marketing or Predictive Algorithm, +1x Ash 2X3ZB9CY. Better remote taxer/lock. Downside is less consistent Paywall and remote play.

-2x Global Food Initiative, +1 Project Beale, +2 NAPD Contract, -1 Fast Track. More 3/2s for SanSan and more taxing. Downside is higher agenda density and effective points for Runner.

-1 Little Engine. This can make a tricksy Runner a lot of money. Datapike and Enigma are viable alternatives. Alternatively, one could double-down on Lil'E for maximum hate.

19 Feb 2016 onibaku06

I've been playing Sol for a while now myslef, and I like the build you have here. Being able to read the board state is really crucial to these types of decks.

A quick question for you though. No CVS? I could easily drop one Fast Track and the Predictive Algorithm for 2x CVS.

What do you think?

19 Feb 2016 Orbital Tangent

@onibaku06 Yeah, it could likely lose either or both of the suggested cards for CVS. My LGSs don’t rock a lot of Clot, especially since they are Whizzard/MaxX heavy, so this is a meta call.

Keeping up/dealing with Datasucker is not really worth it FYI because you want successful runs and nothing is punishing enough to make a faceplant without DS support hurt all that much.

25 Feb 2016 saracenus

Great deck! I favor Lag Time when I want to tax out Faust or D4v1d. The Predictive Algorithm tick during a Medium Dig is sick. As a Sol supporter this looks lik it might have some legs vs. Dumblefork.

25 Feb 2016 Orbital Tangent

@saracenus I like Lag Time, but it costs money to keep it going. The Current suite as it is right now is all 0, which is key for turn 1 rush play of News Hound in front of an Astro or Beale. You don't have enough money for that if the Current is more than 0.

It has hella legs vs Dumblefork, though they are still pretty well set up for victory if they can blow up enough key ICE. Sniping the Faust and making SanSan trashes not free is key. Defend R&D and Remote, but leave HQ wide open or defend with Pop-up. Cycle in agendas you can't score ASAP.

25 Feb 2016 saracenus

My solution was: -1 Fast Track, -1 Predictive Algorithm, +1 Targeted Marketing, +1 Lag Time.

Fast Track is something I want to see but I don't want two in my opening hand. I find that 6 currents is the sweet spot for my Sol play. I haven't tried Predictive Algorithm yet, so that might get put back in and just go down to one TM.

25 Feb 2016 Orbital Tangent

Going to 6x Currents with Lag Time seems good if you keep the 0 ones at 5x. I've noticed in testing 5 is about perfect and beyond that is diminished returns, so maybe an extra one with a decent effect wouldn't be too bad?

I'm also considering dropping Algorithm to get in the second TM. It is absolutely essential in the Criminal matchup. Just call Account Siphon and laugh as you leave HQ lightly defended. That said, you lose some flexibility, so I'm not sold.

I love 3x Fast Track so I can chain Astro, Astro, Astro, 15 minutes out of the deck if the cards come up right. It isn't an every day thing, but I just love the card too much to cut one. Again, best agenda in the deck.