Accelerated Sponsorships - Undefeated Uppsala SC 2016-02-21

emlun 477

This is the deck that carried me to first place in the Fantasia Store Championship in Uppsala, Sweden, 2016-02-21. Taking three wins and one timed win in the Swiss rounds and two wins in the top 4, it went undefeated on the day. I'll admit there was a lot of luck involved, with a couple of amazing Accelerated Beta Test pulls and some games where R&D was just stacked with everything I needed.

It's a pretty standard HB deck tweaked to my personal tastes, nothing particularly fancy. My basic line of thought was that I don't want the game to drag on to late game, because I'm bad at corp late game. Therefore, I try to accelerate into midgame as early as possible and extend it for as long as possible.

Therefore, I run Red Herrings rather than Caprice Nisei. I never really liked Caprice in HB anyway, and it saves a lot of influence. Likewise, I prefer Priority Requisition over Global Food Initiative since it can help extend the midgame rather than improve the late game - and it also saves some influence for Anarch hate. It can also combo spectacularly with Team Sponsorship if the planets are in alignment. I also have a single Biotic Labor for use as a panic button if the game does drag on to late game, which won me a game in the Swiss. Efficiency Committee is just filler, as I didn't have the influence for NAPD Contract.

Finally, I expected Anarch dominance, so there's a lot of Anarch/Faust hate: Cyberdex Virus Suite (so good with Breaker Bay Grid), Turing, Little Engine, Wraparound. All my opponents on the day were indeed Anarchs, so they all came in very handy.

My runner deck was Cyber Exploder, a much less conventional deck which did poorly in the Swiss but redeemed itself in the top 4 with 2 wins out of 3 games.

22 Feb 2016 Stratix

If Khala Ghoda was legal, Advanced Concept Hopper is a fantastic 4/2 to use!

22 Feb 2016 lukevanryn

Are you usually happy sacrificing 2 points for Archer, is it simply a target for Always Be Triggering (ABT)?

22 Feb 2016 emlun

@Stratix it was, but I don't have the pack yet. ACH would probably be slightly better, yes. I did score and make use of the EffComm in one game in the top 4 to take 2 turns in a row and find an Ash before installing the winning agenda in the scoring remote, but ACH probably does pretty much the same thing but better.

@lukevanryn sometimes - if I'm on 6 points or if it would wreck a breaker or two. It's mostly there for comboing with Always Be Triggering (I did indeed always trigger it, and I did pull the Archer in one game :D) and Priority Wreckuisition.