Everyone Deserves a Chance 2:Electric Boogaloo(1st Place SC)

Asclepius7 170

This deck won me the Arkham Comics and Games Store Champ. I went 4-2 with this deck on the day, playing vs. NEH 6 times. I like it a lot, it's very easy to pressure Clot early and consistently, and you get to a point where you can Medium dig and Turntable away anything that's bothersome. Two games that I lost were due to a Little Engine showing up on R&D really early. I'm considering swapping 1 SMC for an Atman just to deal with high strength ice, as 2 D4vid's just isn't enough sometimes. Lots of thanks to D1en for the inspiration, I basically just copied this from his World's deck and MWL updated it.

22 Feb 2016 d1en

Congrats @Asclepius7!! You earned a spot on the XCOM 2 Team!!

23 Feb 2016 lukesim3

I've also been playing a MWL version of this deck during SC season (props to @d1enfor pioneering what's been one of my favourite runner decks ever):


I'm curious how often you played the Vamp? It's something I've been thinking about slotting in, but am on the fence about.

24 Feb 2016 Asclepius7

Vamp is really good vs. certain matchups, mainly RP and PE. You can usually do a good job of keeping RP poor, so a well timed vamp can let you get into that Caprice remote without trouble. I didn't really play it at all in this SC because it's not very good vs. NEH but it definitely helps the glacier MU.