I Copied This Card For Card From Dan (1st Place Store Champ)

Asclepius7 170

I won the Arkham Comics and Games Store Champ with this deck. Standard post MWL Foodcoats. 2 CVS did some major work vs. Noise. Went 4-2 with it on the day. 2 Architect and 1 NAPD definitely feels right to me. Overall just super powerful cards. Thanks to Dan for deck building ETF so I never have to build a deck myself.

23 Feb 2016 moistloaf

Why not Dancoats? Or Danshop

24 Feb 2016 Asclepius7

Dang you're right, Dancoatshop would have been the best.

24 Feb 2016 Venali

Do you think you'll end up switching anything out for the assembly lines?

24 Feb 2016 Asclepius7

I played around with replacing the hedge funds with Advanced Assembly Line but decided sometimes you really need that burst, especially at the beginning before you have BBG down or anything else to install with AAL. Lateral growth might make it in though.

29 Feb 2016 rwknoll

Thanks for posting! I played a very similar deck at my store champ this weekend in Toledo, and it went 3-1. Surprisingly, I was the only ETF there. My wins were against Whizzard, Leela, and Sunny, with a loss to Hailey pawnshop.

These were my changes:

-1 CVS, -1 Enigma, -1 Ichi 1.0

+1 Biotic, +1 IQ, +1 Vikram

I think 1x Biotic Labor and 2x Archived Memories is perfect. All 3 wins included at least 1 FA score, 2 of which were the game-winning score. I never actually used CVS, but I can definitely see how having more would be stronger had I matched up against more Anarch.

I can pretty frequently time my IQ rez so that it costs the same as Enigma or less, but then it gets stronger with card draw. I don't like that Enigma can be broken by Faust with 1 card if they are running last click, whereas they need up to 3 cards if I have 5 cards in hand. Enigma also seems pretty weak to Parasite.

I found myself not loving Viper. I have mixed feelings about him. Didn't help that I was paired against Sunny and a Hailey running Gingerbread + Panchatantra, so tracers were not so stellar that day.

I like Vikram over Ichi for the mid- and late-game relevance. I think he was my most taxing ice hands down.

4 Mar 2016 Myriad

CVS vs Crisium, CVS is better in a dumblefork meta right?

4 Mar 2016 Asclepius7

Yeah basically all the decks I see these days are dumbleforks, Noise or some other anarch with viruses. Crisium definitely makes an appearance when Political Operative gets released. Maybe 2 crisium even.