Gamer's Den 2016 Store Championships 1st Place Winner

Locke 433

Gamer's Den 2016 Store Championship 1st Place Winner - Corpus Christi, TX (2/20/2016)

This deck goes along with my NBN deck that I used to sweep the tournament!! Much of this deck's original design is from dodgepong's Valpocalypse deck. I played it for a few weeks and loved it yet made several changes.

I added a 3rd Account Siphon and DDoS cause those cards just totally rock. After playing this deck 30ish times not once did I ever need to use Apocalypse and therefore I cut the card for the extra AC. The one key card that after playing dodgepong's version that helped SOOO MUCH was the Retrieval Run. Anyway, this deck rocks and I would suggest anyone give it a try. Keyhole/Eater dig is complete nuts atm!!

22 Feb 2016 The Broken Meeple

No-one was playing Swordsman then? Wouldn't that ICE have completely hosed you if one got rezzed on R & D?

22 Feb 2016 sruman

If no apocalpse is the 1-of amped up worth it? Wanton and no-ice keyhole turns are nice with it but perhaps another card?

22 Feb 2016 sruman

Also, wondering what the general strategy for a rezzed, etr ice and a crisium on HQ is? Used to be Femme with this style of deck, but here I see that as a major issue. Also, I'm assuming you never run the remote without a black-mail / run-amok?. Thanks for any answers.

22 Feb 2016 Locke

@The Broken Meeple Nope, noone plays Swordsman... Probably harder now to find decks with that since the new Tournament Rules. Influence might be more of a squeeze.

22 Feb 2016 Locke

@sruman I first had Fork / Spoon / Knife in there for that purpose but the more I play the deck typically almost no ICE ever gets rezzed except for R&D. You hold the DDoS in your hand and most people only put 1 ICE on archives or a remote for a bit sense blackmail gets you there anyway. DDoS also makes turn 1 account siphons incredibly easy!!!!