Foodcoats / Slow Fast-Advance

Foxtrott 35

I managed to win the Munich Store Championship on February 20 with this deck along my Valencia build.

It went undefeated, though maybe a bit lucky.

Agenda suite: The only thing deviating from standard Foodcoats is the 2x Mandatory Upgrades.

Assets: Pretty much standard HB econ and Jackson.

Upgrades: 3x Breaker Bay for obvious reasons. Caprice obviously. 1x Marcus Batty as a weaker Caprice with lower influence cost (or NEXT: Gold option). 2x Ash.

Maybe a 3rd Ash or a CVS might be good.

Operations: Biotic Labor helps a lot scoring GFI/2-pointers.

You might even recur it multiple times with Vitruvius counters one turn to score a GFI/Mandatory Upgrades from hand.

ICE suite: NEXT Ice Suite as it's cheap to rez and quite taxing if it dooesn't get trashed... 2x Architect, 1x Eli: Don't go without them! I tried, it sucks. Rest In Faction stuff...

Game Reports:

There were only 8 players at this SC, a bit underwhelming, so there were only three rounds of Swiss to play.

Round 1: Whizzard. Hardest game. I managed to get a 2-Pointer and a GFI rushed out early, then mayhem started. ParaSucker, David, Faust, no econ surviving, Medium R&D Lock. I managed to get a Vitruvius in HQ after a purge. Somehow he didn't want to turntable the Mandatory Upgrades he just stole for my GFI... Only an Architect survived on R&D, three Runs on R&D after the purge, then, as the runner had only one credit, he refused to run a 4th time on his 4th click for his win... and watched me biotic a Vitruvius from hand. My victory.

Round 2: Adam. Early game was hard as expected, but he only found one Agenda. Late game was easy, as I managed to biotic a Mandatory Upgrades.

Round 3: Stealth Kate. Mother Goddess in my opening hand, so I rushed out an ABT and a Mandatory Upgrades. Then my opponent managed to establish a soft R&D lock with an interface. I had a Jackson out and could easily draw past it. Game went good, though every server was open.

Conclusion: This deck is quite strong, but has its flaws. It's strong at an early rush, in the late game it goes a Fast-Advance route. I didn't face heavy ICE-destruction or Siphon-spam this day and was glad about it.

Feel free to post some improvement ideas.