Grandpa Got Out Again

GrantZilla1979 393

An update of one of my all-time favorite decks, ThroneRunner's Master Roshi, chopped and screwed for MWL compliance and Brain-tapes.

While it cuts three of the Eve Campaign off the original, we're making room for 3x Brain-Taping Warehouse. Situational, for sure - but it forces them to have icebreaker solutions or give you potentially massive discounts.

IT Department and Corporate Troubleshooter can help you there - and Interns/Crick can keep them coming back, as can Architect which we just aren't going to run less than three of. Those warehouses are going to keep coming back in - this is a war of attrition in a trash-heavy meta, but odds are Ol' Whizz is going to be able to frag them faster than you can bring them back.

Obviously, living the dream is an IT-boosted Inazuma-Heimdall 2.0 or Inazuma-Janus 1.0 as it always was with this deck, but Vikram 1.0 is giving us some interesting options here as well. Vikram 1.0 into Ichi 2.0 can be surprisingly affordable with 3x Brain-Taping Warehouse rezzed.

Not even close to Tier 1 in terms of score-a-bility - D4v1d blasts through your double Turing scoring remote, cutlery hurts the big ice, as do Criminal econ hijinks.

But if you wanted to take both IT Department and Brain-Taping Warehouse out of the binder and give them some air, this ain't a bad way to do it.