Sunny's Halloween Party SC edition (1st place SC undefeated)

hi_impact 1709

22 player SC event, took first. Publishing for the sake of NRDB recordkeeping.

All deckbuilding and theorycrafting credit go to @Higgsbozo. Virtually unchanged. HQ access added to speed up tournament time limits.

Undefeated on the day, taking a Dumblefork-teched meta by surprise. Surprisingly fast, high link invalidates a high number of popular decks on its own. It's got a complicated dance with Fastro and Foodcoats, but slightly favored in Sunny's way imo.

Film Critic, City Hall, 4 Link, Nexus, infinite money, Fall Guy + Source, JakScrubber, Faust. This deck has everything. Going against Sunny in a tournament environment is terrifying.

R1: Spark Ash (W) R2: Standard RP (W) R3: NEH Mumba Sponsorship (W) Cut1: Spark Ash (W) Cut2: Foodcoats (W) Final: Haarpsicoord Psycho (W)

25 Feb 2016 hi_impact

The original SC deck had Nerve Agent, but it's much more practical to run HQI. Jak Sinclair is a nonbo with Nerve Agent and its super easy to Jak into HQ midgame.

25 Feb 2016 anr_marsellus

Uhm, as far as I know Nerve Agend still triggers on Jak, given that it is not "using" a program but rather the static ability that triggers. Congrats on the win!

26 Feb 2016 GrantZilla1979

AFAIK Nerve Agent gets the counter, but you can't use it to access extra on the Jak run.

26 Feb 2016 umchoyka

@GrantZilla1979 is correct, Nerve agent gains the counter but does not give extra accesses on a Jak run. (See related ruling on Medium / Datasucker vs Wendigo:

26 Feb 2016 Simone Suka

This deck is just slow and not tier 1. You have only campus and the hotels for draw a 50 cards deck. 1x of breakers without cards for find them, very expansive cards and a slow econ... Just... Lol?

26 Feb 2016 Fruggles

Took down 22 player SC undefeated. Doesn't matter if it's "tier 1" - it worked. Maybe be less of a tool when critiquing a deck and anyone might take you seriously. Especially as someone who has 0 presence in the community to begin with, feel free to return to the asshole-haven of MTG though, @Simone"Suka"

26 Feb 2016 Letsaros

@Fruggles Although he actually does sound like a tool (maybe he is? XD) he does have a valid point. I myself got second place with a Sunny deck that runs normal Sunny shenanigans and 3x Vamp and i've played my fair share of Sunny since she got released and i do have to say that some times there cards i play 3x in the deck and still never got to draw them or i drew very late even though i run 3x Earthrise Hotel 2x Quality Time and a John Masanori.

That means if you don't draw you Off-Campus Apartment early there's a good chance you'll have to aggressively draw for it thus losing many good cards in the process and still not find it by the time the corp has 4 points already.

27 Feb 2016 Sarakhan

very cool deck .

What you do against turing besides praying to find the 1x code braker? Else its very fast on drawing and economy

27 Feb 2016 hi_impact

@Sarakhan You have to avoid installing a program as long as possible to blank Ichi 1.0 and click through. Jak Sinclair, Scrubber, and Nexus are your ideal tools against Foodcoats. Denying the first couple Campaigns can win you the game while you set up.

20 Mar 2016 WhackedMaki

Do you not actually get to 5 link with this deck?

21 Mar 2016 Milkshakedown

Depends where you are finding that 5th link in the list. I'm only seeing Sunny (2), access to Globasec (1) and Security Nexus (1) for a total of 4. Are you double counting the Nexus? You're only allowed one of those in play at a time bud.

21 Mar 2016 hi_impact

This deck gets to 4 link maximum. Getting the 5th link is marginal and the 6th is complete overkill (for example Rabbit Hole).

You are welcome to squeeze in an additional link to try it yourself but 4 really feels like the sweet spot. Paying 1 less on a Nexus trace and maybe Archangel at the cost of a deckslot feels like a bad trade for me, especially when most Corp players throw away their trace ICE on sight. The slots are just too valuable.

That being said I really value the 1x Access to Globalsec. When it shows up on a Peddler I give it some serious weight.

6 Apr 2016 brightknight_216

I'm curious about this deck. 1. Has Faust helped you in any significant way in your match-ups? I wonder whether it is worth putting in Faust and trash my card 'cos I'm thinking of replacing it with 2 Special Order yo get mu breakers out fast. 2. I am contemplating between having HQI or RDI. I maybe wrong but I prefer to have RDI because I think it it much better to access 2 cards which the Corp has no knowledge rather Tha to access 2 in the Corp's hand especially in my local meta where many are gravitating to Industrial Decks. Having a Corp who knows you have HQI and then hold onto Fetal and Snare can have brutal effect on the Runner.

7 Apr 2016 hi_impact

@brightknight_216 Faust becomes more important the better your opponent (and/or their decks) become I've found. I find this deck runs with such a tight economic line that special ordering a breaker, installing it, and breaking with it becomes a backbreaking or impossible cost. The breaker helps a ton against Enigma, which happens to be everywhere still.

You can do some amazing things with the source and fall guy, often much more effective than ruining yourself. Sunny's breakers aren't too good and really come into play late game.