Nexus Geist

lumbendil 9

This deck tries to prevent the weakness of the limited uses and fixed strength in the Breaking and Entering suite by using the following.

Security Nexus: This lets you bypass one ice per turn which is majorly anoying for you. High strength or many subs ice fall in this category.

Security Chip: This allows you to boost all your one use breakers so you're able to break things outside your strength range.

The deck is quite light on econ, but I think it's enough. The most expensive setup should be done early on, installing Security Nexus + 3 Rabbit Holes. Once that is done, the rest is quite cheap, and except for Mongoose, your breakers are free to use and 0-1 to install.

The rest is quite common criminal stuff. Also, important to note, Inside Job also lets you save some breakers use.

3 Mar 2016 Zeromus

@lumbendil I've been thinking of trying to create a Geist / Security Nexus deck lately. Have you tested this at all?

Do you think that Rabbit Hole is better than Access to Globalsec?

3 Mar 2016 lumbendil

@Zeromus I did test it a bit, but just a few games on I picked Rabbit Hole because I think that being able to make Security Nexus be a "Pay To rez the ICE + Pay to keep me out" at no cost is great. To get to there with Access to Globalsec you have to use 2 more clicks to install them (already worth the 3 credits) + draws which you filter out early in this case.

Also, in the event of not finding Security Nexus early enough, they already pay off to use Security Chip as a +3 strength to all your 1 use breakers.

With that said, I think this deck needs quite a lot more of testing. I'm building an iteration with a full persistent central breaker suite by shifting some cards around.

3 Mar 2016 Zeromus

Alright, I'll take this list to jank night tomorrow and see how it goes. I'm worried a lot about Weyland barriers. I think an Inti or something could be really useful in there.

3 Mar 2016 lumbendil

That's the main reason I'm working on fitting in some permanent breakers, otherwise if they manage to make you waste enough runs you're out of the game.