The Queen's Key

Hammer 26

working on a Eater Keyhole deck for Reina. She does well in my testing, but I feel like i'm always missing something, C&C appriciated

26 Feb 2016 DrMarodi

Looks nice! I would like to play a good Reina deck. If you running the full amount of parasites and Clone Chips, it is a "sin" not to run datasuckers. Cut the cyber threats for 2 or 3 suckers. Solving the memory issue use Grimoire insted of Turntable. This way you'll have better controll over the ICE-s. Also Run Amok seems to be a card made for the Queen. Cut the Gambit and Symmetrical Visage for 2 Amok and include one Corroder because of the dreaded Wraparound...

29 Feb 2016 Hammer

I feel like that may be what i'm missing there. to be perfectly honest, i'm gonna try it out against a few decks and see how it does with those edits, if it ends up working, I'll make the changes here, but I really do like the suggestions. I'm curious if Run Amok is as good here just because of the EaterKeyhole combo, but i'll give it a try on a couple games and see how it does

29 Feb 2016 Hammer

I'm also considering dropping a Clone Chip for a Levy AR Lab Access so i can hit a reset button late game