Bad Girl Leela - Ballarat Store Champs Winner 4-1 On Day

Smattc 455

This is the deck i took to Ballarat store champs. My thinking behind the deck was that there would be a lot of Yellow decks around and that Leela is often very good against these types of decks.
On the day it Beat NEH, Haarp x 2 & Customs Biotics. The one loss was to NEH where i was unable to stop the fast advance only scoring a 15 minutes which didn't help my cause.

I tried to focus the deck on keeping Ice face down so that i would be able to bounce it and even if there was a large server have some way to maybe get in and keep the pressure on.

Run Amok - Was a key card of the deck. Did not use it as often as i liked but when i did use it they did not rez their ice. This gave me access and i was able to score from some of those. I always made sure i was using it on a crucial run or when i had inside job in hand so after that run if they rezzed an ice i could not break they had to trash it and i could go again getting into the sever for multi access.

Econ - I focused on being able to get some credits from running while also being able to click for credits or getting it at start of turn. That's where code busting and daily casts come in. With a lot of players not playing assets because of whizzard i decided that bank job was going to be hard to use when i really needed it on the day so i did not run it.

Gang Sign - Key card on the day. Keeps the corp on their toes slowing them down because they do not want me to score when they score bouncing two cards. often they just has to and this gave me a perfect opportunity to counter attack.

Sneakdoor was a good card on the day actually getting me the win in the final. By not having sec testing in the deck they often did not feel the need to ice archives. This helped me to surprise and get into HQ when they had it well defended. Bouncing ice and getting into R&D.

Breakers - To be honest i did not use them very much. Mostly special ordering for a Corroder to get into somewhere. often i was trying to counter, run amok or inside job to get my agendas.

Overall i had some luck on the day. Finding early Plascrete early against kill decks. But i think the relentless pressure that i could get into servers kept all corps on their toes!

27 Feb 2016 Lyncha

Congratulations Matt. Awesome job. This deck is boss