Lunisolar Flare 1.1 Ballarat Store Champs Winner 5-1

Smattc 455

I saw Bewnt Talk about this deck on you tube and thought it was a great deck for the current Meta and that i would take it to the store champs we had on the weekend. Was awesome! went 5-1 on the day.

I changed one card. I took out a Psychographics and added in the Lily Lockwell.

My thought process behind this was that Lily gives you some card draw when your trying to find kill or other pieces. If you have them tagged up to the eyeballs then you can use it to get that operation you need to either kill them or score out. It came in handy to get a fast track into my hand one game and get the Beale to use Psychographics the next turn.

Great deck. Thanks to Bewnt and Korrigan!

9 Apr 2016 zwarbo

I took this list to my local Store Champs today and it went 5-1. It was undefeated all the way to the finals and then it just wouldn't show me either one more Traffic or Scorched when the runner was on 9-11 tags.

The RAW video from the stream is here: ) FTW Store Champ Finals 2016

It was the first game. Sorry about the card glare.