Reliable Repli-Kate-or

gamblingworld 74

Do you want lots of money, a super thin deck and the ability to deal with almost any situation?

Try mastering the hardware resale market!

Ok, so the trick here is to get Aesop's Pawnshop down then create a continuous chain of cheap hardware installs using Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker runner ability. You augment this with the Replicator which as soon as you have installed a Ramujan-reliant 550 BMI gives you 5 turns of 1 click for 3 credits. Sure there are the setup costs, but you're also applying this setup to Bookmark or Akamatsu Mem Chip and the spare replicators.

Once Professional Contacts goes down it gets even funnier. 1 click for 3 credits + procos click and draw power. Reliable 5 creds and 2 cards a turn anyone?

So now you have a reliable income and a deck that thins itself in half in the process of making that income. Install your programs, install some R+D interfaces and give 'em hell.

Now onto the offensive-

Youre richer than them, so dont fear trace. You have a #clot, Self-modifying Code and Clone Chipso dont fear fast advance You have Ramujan-reliant 550 BMI and Levy AR Lab Access so dont fear net or brain damage You have Bookmark so don't fear meat damage...

Just use common sense and dont sell the things you need to win. Remember you have recursion and levy, so dont fear stuff getting trashed if you need to load a bookmark to survive a double scorch.

2 hyperdrivers can pick your tempo up even faster early, or mid game. In a pinch they can be sold as well.

Oh and Knight is a great contingency plan... use it well...

Have fun re-selling your way to victory!

Edit- it occurs to me that i should include technical writer in this deck for some not insignificant cred swings.