Beartrap (Store Champ Winner)

Snake Eyes 4620

This deck works around the Panchatantra Sharpshooter super combo, even digging up Crescentus to punish any expensive ICE. Medium, a single R&D Interface and Maya to hit R&D with, and a lone Escher to mess with ICE placement. The economy relies on Technical Writer and Professional Contacts. The Employee Strike is helpful against most matchups, but the big ones that I wanted it to effect were Haarpsichord and EtF.

Once Tech Trader is available, 3 copies of it will be placed in this deck, as this uses disposable everything. A single Same Old Thing could be handy too.

4 Mar 2016 LazarusTaxon

Snatch his Ass is a Beartrap! Sorry couldn't resist.

I have been playing your deck on jnet and took it to meetup last night and I am really liking it. And I am someone who always has trouble settling on a runner. I love the use of Crescentus. Derezzing Archer on Argus last night felt so good! I found the Tech Writers nice but really inconsistent. Even as a three of I had trouble finding them soon enough.

Anyway I am thinking about taking this to a local SC. I was wondering: How do you plan to fit in Tech Trader?

I am testing a singlton of Same Old Thing as you recommended and I like it but it is a crutch. I just had a couple time where my Levy got sniped and I am on 6 points with all my CChips and Destroyers in the bin. Have you tested? How are you finding it?

5 Mar 2016 Snake Eyes


Well my plan was:

-2 Crescentus, -1 Scrubber, -3 Professional Contacts,

+2 Quality Time +3 Tech Trader +1 Same Old Thing

I'd like to cut a card down. I want to look into adding a Clot in here too, could probably fit it in by cutting another Crescentus and just having 2 Tech Traders. I don't really want to cut the Employee Strike since Haarpsichord is so popular here. I'm also considering losing the New Angeles City Hall and putting in a 2nd Plascrete. Getting a single Kaitie Jones in there might help out some money too, I'll have to see how the economy runs with Tech Trader online.

5 Mar 2016 LazarusTaxon

Wow all three ProCo? In my limited experience it seems like the base economy of the deck but maybe I am underestimating the power of Tech Trader. I also like PC b/c I never hesitate to draw but maybe that's a crutch? I do think it needs more plascrete. I have been getting blasted by 24/7. I agree that Employee strike is strong and hard to cut. It won me the game v. Argus and gives HB a headache. New Angeles City Hall has done a lot of work for me v yellow and Argus. It makes it really cheap to run through yellow ice but maybe the Plascrete is more important. I do agree less Crescentus would be OK. With all the rush decks it can be a dead draw.

I'll report back on tweaks. Thanks for the sharing the deck!

5 Mar 2016 Snake Eyes

A Symmetrical Visage could fit in some of the space that proco is, I've been thinking about that angle too. I find that sometimes the proco is amazing if you get it up early, but late game is a hard tempo hit at 5 credits, where 2 can be done and drawn in a single turn from zero credits.