The Shady Sands Shuffle (Store Champ Winner)

Snake Eyes 4581

This deck uses all 3 point agendas and threatens everyone with kills.

Inazuma becomes much stronger when you can shuffle it down with Mumbad City Grid. Komainu retains and re-gains any subs. The runner can jack out, but just the threat of doing it keeps some runners out. What Mumbad City Grid can't do, The Twins does.

Markus 1.0 on an Inazuma seems strong, and helps bolster the strength of your Cortex Locks.

Subliminal Messaging is a meta call since Whizzard is so popular right now - it was impossible for me to keep my Mumba Temples alive so I needed a little more ops economy. Subliminal Messaging works great with Celebrity Gift, since it helps fill your hand back up all the time.

Super fun deck style.

29 Feb 2016 lolpaca

Nice, I've been trying to do something similar in Harmony for a while (ie, use the ability to race the runner and force unwise runs). I've mostly gone down the Mushin & traps route til now, but this looks like a really fun alternative.

5 Mar 2016 underflow

This looks like a lot of fun, but I can't help but think that maybe it wants Punitives? Is Marcus mostly there for Markus synergies? I'd probably try to find room for 2 punitives, if you think the deck generates enough money.

5 Mar 2016 Snake Eyes

Markus is there to help with this 86z5zxz

12 Mar 2016 Haggis

Noob question. How does shuffling down Inazuma with Mumbad make it stronger?

7 Apr 2016 ironlix

Is the Snare! useful at all or can you replace it? I imagine it may help in the beginning before all the ice are rezzed in place.

24 Apr 2016 burzum51

@Haggis with mumbad City Grid you can swap inazuma to the outter of the server.

30 Apr 2016 Klopstock

@Haggis First point: What burzum51 said. Being able to reposition your ice makes Inazuma much stronger. Also there is another cool thing you can do, force the runner to encounter it time and time again. A Code Gate with Strength 5 and two subs is nothing to laugh at if you are not using Yog-o-saurus, the BFG of decoders or its little brother. And should it fire once, you can push it down, forcing the Runner to encounter it again and again, without being able to break its subs (or jack out), which in turn means, you can hit the Runner not just with the next ice, but with an ice of your choice (Sword or Hound, maybe?) that's deeper in the server. That is the interaction I guess Snake Eyes meant.