Reliant RepliKator 1.01

gamblingworld 74

Doesnt lost often, now with some improvements... Could lose the Escher or 1 Technical Writer if you like.

Replicatorin your cheap hardware and sell it to Aesop's Pawnshop each turn. Have Technical Writer build up a credit every time you do. They arent unique... Tear through the deck at lightning pace making a lot of money as you do, build your rig/install smcs and start running. Then levy and do it again.

Ramujan-reliant 550 BMImakes you immune to net and brain damage. For a long time. Ronins can be ignored with 3/4 of these in place. Cerebrals can be run with impunity. If net/brain isn't a threat sell them every turn for 5 turns in a row (including 5 turns more technical writer) I love these things.

Bookmark is cheap aesop fodder to clone in. alternatively if you fear meat damage load one up with 3 cards. Then they'll have to triple scorch you.

Technical Writer This guy makes so much money in this deck. If you get 2 earlyish you can click twice for 30 credits later in the match.

Professional Contacts Helps you keep momentum while you draw through your deck to see everything you need and replicate simultaneously to thin it and make a huge profit

Crescentus Is there to make them pay for rezzing Curtain Wall. Its essential blue sun hate, but useful in most matchups.

Clot Obviously...

Escher Sometimes I'm glad i have it around.... other times it ends up on my bookmark

Film Critic No more emotional scars from Future Perfect.

This deck makes a lot of money and uses that money to do damage while playing a traditional shaper game of breaking ice and hitting R+D and remotes. Its pretty immune to all 3 damage types as well.