Its a Kind of Spagsic - Kalamazoo MI 2/ 27 SC 1st Place

IceRay42 27

All credit Spags' wonderful creation found here: for the win.

My only change was -1 Gang Sign +1 Paparazzi to make sure I could get a mill condition online if I couldn't afford to hang Siphon tags (I come from what has long been a Weyland heavy meta). In the future, I'd probably cut the Levy in favor of a third DDoS or Data Leak Reversal + something (returning back to one Paparazzi to make room) because honestly, there are a lot of times where 5 credits feels indistinguishable from a million for this deck, and resetting the deck isn't particularly helpful (ain't nobody got time to reinstall three Fall Guys!). Instead of teaching you how to play (which Spags explains quite well) here's the tournament report.

Round 1 vs. Max playing SYNC -

Leela's lone loss on the day, and it nearly put me on tilt. SYNC is among the tougher matchups for this deck because Siphon is less profitable, but I manage to pick up two Astros while looking for a DLR to get going. Unfortunately, I have to make a judgment call challenging the second Astro, and discard my first Plascrete instead of my lone Special Order so I can go fetch Breach for Wraparound. My first Fisk Investment Seminar makes me pay for my mistake, delivering the 24/7 News Cycle and the Scorch into his hand, and the victory. Elsewhere, HB gets frustrated with Edward Kim, but ultimately wins. 1-1

Round 2 vs Derek playing SYNC -

Augh! Another SYNC! I'm cursing my meta misread, but ultimately get to work. Derek punishes Siphon tags by rezzing TWO Reality ThreeDees and forces me to choke down the massive trash cost on them, but his first score opens up R&D and I pluck a Jackson off the top after he's already used his first to set HQ to his liking. DLR only manages to mill eight cards on the game, but in combination with constant Siphon pressure and a second topdeck Jackson pull allows me to stall the game out and win via the mill. Elsewhere HB escapes Security Nexus and Power Tap by a single credit. 3-1

Round 3 vs. Matt playing NEH -

Easily one of my closest games on the day. I see an early Faust and get two Drug Dealers up and running, but no DDoS or Special Order which leaves me to deal with Wraparound the hard way. Matt continually challenges me with SanSans seeing all three within the first few turns, and every time I have him too poor to continue, Explode-a-palooza puts him back on his feet. However, when he challenges the remote with a naked Beale install, a timely Fisk Investment Seminar floods HQ with more agendas than he can handle, and he's left to hope I dont pluck the winning agenda from archives. However, since he had an Astro token, I opted for the best multiaccess I could: I milled three cards and ran archives for the win. Elsewhere HB has an incredibly successful round of Beta Testing. 5-1

Round 4 vs. Hamin playing Blue Sun -

Turn 2 I use Inside Job to sneak past an OAI'd remote to collect on a Bank Job so I can install DDoS. Hamin decides this is a good time to challenge an Oaktown behind 1 ICE having just seen me use an Inside Job. Fisk Investment Seminar has other ideas. It delivers the requisite Inside Job, allowing me to bounce the lone ICE on R&D, where I topdeck a GFI to bounce the lone ICE over HQ. I snag a Hostile from his new fistful of cards to complete the 5 point play. Without any board state, Hamin is forced to reinstall single ICE, which prove feeble against DDoS on the very next turn, where I snatch an Oaktown out of R&D to avenge my warp speed HB loss. 6-2

Cut 4 Finals vs. Zach playing RP -

After HB delivered me two wins to keep me in the Winners bracket after entering the cut as the top seed, Leela is sent to work to bring home the championship. I get the mill pieces set up fairly early, and Drug Dealer delivers a Drug dealer which turns into being delivered a Siphon or an SoT every other turn. Zach gets up 5-0 early on the back of two Celeb Gifts, but without the benefit of economic assets (two sundews and an MHC are all I'm made to trash), he's left without a way to shut down DLR or score out, and I push the mill engine into overdrive to seal the win. 9-2

29 Feb 2016 Prestige

Would read write-up again. A++++