24/7 Philotic - 1st Place @ RandomNet #1 28/2/2016

J-Flex 133

The corp deck I took to the first RandomNet jank tourney where we assigned a random runner ID and corp ID, excluding the most popular ID in each faction. I got assigned Harmony Medtech for Corp which wasn't great, I dislike the advantage it gives the runner and the limiting 12 influence.

I decided to try and leverage Philotic Entanglement and 24/7 to try and flatline the runner after they have scored a lot of my low-point agendas. I added in Shi-Kyus which was the general Philotic strategy and new awesomeness of News Team to act as extra agendas to try and make that Philotic trigger a kill. Clone Retirement are in there for quick scores to give me other agendas that I can forfeit to trigger the 24/7.

Last minute changes: Made room for a Fast Track, deck falls apart if the runner scores the Philotic and swapped Brain Trust for Fetal, for extra net damage :)

I believed my runner to be strong but my Corp a little more iffy. Luckily, it also went 3-1 and only once was I able to achieve the aim of the deck of forfeiting agendas to trigger Philotic with 24/7 and flatline the runner. Most games I had to score out relying on net damage threat and Susan on the scoring remote. The deck was perfectly foiled by Geist running Data Dealer but luckily I was able to score out for the win before they could leverage the extra money.

1 May 2016 MalaFide

Really wish I'd got to face these two decks. Very interesting....