Hardware Apex

CrypticalErmine 2

I saw a lot of Apex: Invasive Predator decks, but I didn't see many using Chop Bot 3000 or Brain Cage. I thought that both of these seemed good with Apex; Chop Bot lets you discard a card and replace it every turn, and also enables detagging the turn you want to Apocalypse. Brain Cage has no drawback with Heartbeat and makes all our card draw much stronger.

That said, I'm very new to the game; this is my first time building my own deck, and it's heavily derivative of the Extinction Event deck cited above. I'm going into an unknown meta, so I took out the Traffic Jams- I have no idea what to expect. Notoriety seemed okay, but not great- but that might just be because I have no experience with the game.