Radioactive Decay (1st Place Fantasy Store Euskirchen SC)

Bitstream 34

Derived from Jackmate's list (Jan2016 GNK–Köln)

2 Mar 2016 ANRguybrush

I am surprised by the lack off news teams. Well, without two-pointers, it's really hard to win by scoring anyways.

3 Mar 2016 Bitstream

I won only one game by scoring vs a player who knows the deck and played the game safe. He played a plascrete early, imped some keycards and dodged the midseasons with piles of money - but this let me score 5 (vs 3 after 15mins got back) agendas and the last two points where QPM/Raven and a BN.

The rest of the games where all flatlines. One profiteering gets you all the money you need, and you could 24/7 -> profiteering into midseasons to stick tags if 24/7 -> breaking news doesnt do it.

Jackmates version of this deck had two astros and some news teams, but all my testgames showed the game was harder if the runner managed to get a two pointer (luck/turntable). In nearly all games i install two agendas i like to score for the effect and take the one the runner doesn't get, most of the agendas help building a better kill setup... only QPM, TGTBT and 15mins are "traps".

News Teams would be good for this deck, but 20 agendas take a lot of deckspace and i value every other card in the deck higher than news teams so they had to go. And i would even get a second information overload before 2-3 teams if i had more deckspace.

4 Mar 2016 D4KEN

@Bitstream Interessting Deck. Do you thought about including Award Bait? Where does the Information Overload goes? I guess centrals (HQ) or?

4 Mar 2016 Bitstream

@D4KEN Award Bait is on the "maybe" list together with Chronos Project. But one idea of the agenda composition was, that next to all agendas should add to the flatline threat.

Breaking News and Profiteering are direct kill options, The Future is Now gets you a Scorch / Midseasons / Overload, False Lead makes opens some additional kill windows (for example with Snare)...

Overload goes one the server the run the most (most times on R&D), a second copy would be good but it's more a trap than an ice and deckspace is a problem.

5 Mar 2016 underflow

Did you play against any control-y film critic shapers? Film critic has been chewing me up alive with this deck, and the only counter that makes any sense is Corporate Town (Snatch and Grab is gross expensive when the runner is racing you for midseasons credits anyways, and Contract Killer... isn't happening). And you'd almost certainly lose more games from not having snares than from having corporate town... Except maybe against DLR Val/Maxx and film critic shapers? :/

7 Mar 2016 Bitstream

@underflow I've not played vs shapers that SC, only in some testgames before the SCs. My meta is mostly any kind of anarchs and some criminals.

Film Critic is one of the cards this deck hates to see. Skip the midseasons plan and try to go for a fast 24/7 - > BN into a kill before they find their Plascrete Carapace. Film Critic is click heavy, so they can run and use FC early or dig their deck for a PC.

Leave the centrals open and ice a "scoring server" so they also need to setup breakers and clear tags. Maybe even score a first turn BN before they have a chance to get a Clot, keep the tempo high and draw a lot. You have to win early...

(I was lucky and won one game on that SC on my turn 5.)

The hardest match you could get is vs Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer.