Advancement of Countermeasures

MystRChaos 81

With the release of Dedication Ceremony, I kind of had to rebuild this archetype. I enjoyed it too much in the past to let it slip. So far, the only things I'm iffy on are:

Back Channels because I only have 4 assets that can be advanced and the rest are agendas. Granted, I thought if I iced up a server enough, I could get Oaktown Renovation up to 10 counters and Back Channels it. It's just giving away 2 agenda points, yes, but it's net gaining at least 40 credits.

GFI because the Renovations are just so much better in this deck especially with the ceremonies. I mean, I could almost justify running the third renovation in here and just mill through the runner with a decently iced up server.

And lastly, another regret is that I wasn't able to put more ice in here. I considered Levy University to rectify that mistake, but I'd rather keep one massive remote server and protect my centrals.

Please let me know what you think would improve this deck!

2 Mar 2016 Gilbod

You don't have a lot of easy Operation or Asset money.

Most of your sources of revenue for credits revolve around either trashing a singular agenda in a very situational scenario, having enough advancements to make Commercialization pay well, or well, clicking for credits.

This is okay if you change your ICE around a bit. Namely, go all in on the Space ICE stuff.

Drop some of the Swam or Lycan's for Asteroid's, grab at least one more Orion, and remove Shattered Remains. You are not going for the kill with this deck and Hardware care be situational.

These changes will turn your "add advancement counter" operations into virtual cash which you will use to rez your ICE. You will be credit poor early game and this is okay.

Each advancement on a piece of Space ICE is work 3 credits. That makes Shipment from Kaguya and SanSan worth 6 credits each when those counters are on Space ICE. You won't have enough money to rez Fire Walls, Lycan's or Swarms until very late game when they are not very good and the Runner has a full rig set up.

Space ICE can rez for free by turn two if you dedicate yourself to it, and I'd recommend it.

Changing your Agenda suite to 3 Hollywood Renovation, 3 Oaktown Renovation, and 3 Project Atlas. This will let you use Hollywood Renovation for a 5 point combo when set up, get Hollywood up to 4 in one turn with Dedication Ceremony, then advance it first turn. Next turn, put down Atlas, advance Hollywood twice, score both.

Drop the Contract Killer, Aggressive Secretary and Project Junebug. With the exception of Aggressive Secretary, they don't help you make a scoring window.

Instead pick up multiple Will-o-Wisp and put them over R&D and HQ or where ever the Runner is hitting hard. Use it with what credits you have left over, and make a scoring window for yourself by removing one of their key breakers.

I might recommend switching Back Channels to GRNDL Refineries for some massive cash swings with Dedication Ceremony, but your millage may vary. Something you could try doing is Dedication Ceremony on a rezzed Space Camp they didn't run then Back Channeling it to Archives to get its effect there but honestly it's still not that much better than just GRNDL Refinery for cash.

Jackson Howard belongs in this deck, use the influence from removing Aggressive Secretary and Junebug to fill him in. It's up to you where you want to find the card slots.

Make those changes and you'll have a good concept for a deck that's going to score the old fashioned way, with the occasional opportunity to make a 5 point agenda swing if the right cards are in hand.

3 Mar 2016 FarCryFromHuman

I would also recommend a single Hadrian's Wall. It's the most taxing place you can keep spare advancement counters and can lock down a central server single-handedly after a few advancements. Hilariously it also stops Endless Hunger in its tracks (not common, but this deck would struggle with it).