I'm not a Criminal

dope92 2

I wanted to see if Susan could use The cyborg run combo and survive.

Does pretty well from what I've seen. But I'm missing the "oomph"

Help me find it.

4 Mar 2016 DrMarodi

The first thing you should consider is to cut Desperado, first because it will frees up a ton (8) of influence, second it is a console (!) like Security Nexus. It is not sufficient to run both. The Jak Sinclair Security Testing combo is neet and gives even more money to super-mommy. One thing you need is some multi-access maybe a couple of interfaces?

4 Mar 2016 donmakaron

For what are you using Dr. Lovegood?

4 Mar 2016 Lttlefoot

Stimhack seems good here

4 Mar 2016 therealwarrior

Dr. Lovegood to switch your console ? Try Grifter if you want both effects.

4 Mar 2016 Crowe

You can't use Dr. Lovegood on your console. Well, you can, but it doesn't do anything. The limit of 1 console per player is a game rule, the text on the card is just a reminder.