Mabel Pines

dope92 2

I named this deck Mabel Pines after the character from Disney's Gravity Falls.

In the show, Mabel was a permanently joyous 13yr old girl who always craved for the next crush of the week. This deck emulates when she is helping Dipper on one of his mystery quests.

The deck consists mostly of criminal cards for economy (thanks for the scheming tips Grunkle Stan!) and the grappling hook. Mabel's signature item aside from her pet sidekick Waddles (GS Sherman M3)

Play tested, and bypasses all of the most brutal of ICE. From evil robots (Haas) to friendly gnomes who just want to play tag (NBN tag wars).

If you want to have some fun, and don't mind the occasional brain damage, put on a sweater, hug a pig, and GRAPPLING HOOK YOUR WAY TO VICTORY!!!

5 Mar 2016 tiedyedvortex

Good to see another Faller on NRDB. But I think this deck can be improved.

First things first: you're only allowed to install one console; you have both Desperado and Security Nexus. They're both good consoles but you can only use one a game, and they encourage very different playstyles. Desperado synergizes with Security Testing, Jak Sinclair, Dirty Laundry, and Datasucker nicely, and you don't have any cards that boost link so the Nexus is too expensive to be worth using.

Grappling Hook is fun card, and thematic, but it's completely redundant when you're using Sunny's suite. The Hook lets you break all but one subroutine: if you want to use the last one, you still have to use GS Sherman M3 or whatever. But since those break using "2 for all subroutines" it doesn't help you at all.

You also are five cards over the minimum. Sunny is already penalized by having a 50 card deck; no need to make it any harder on yourself. You also don't have any tutoring effects.

I'm not sure on the Off-Campus Apartment. You can only install five connections per game (three Underworld Contact, one Kati Jones and one Jak Sinclair). You're basically never going to find the OCA early enough for it to matter. Better to cut it and save a card slot and an influence, or go up to 3x OCA and a ton of other connections.

5 Mar 2016 dope92

I use hook to fire the most painless subroutine when I don't have the credits to use Sunny's breakers to their fullest. Also the obligatory GF reference.

Example I was going against Haas and they had Wotan, Curtain Wall, and an awakening to my nexus, piggy, and a hook. I hooked Wotan and took 1 brain (least painful compared to the other subs Wotan has) and nexus his wall. Thank god his awakened card accessed was weak enough for me to pig on through it with only 4 credits.

I can understand dropping down to one of the two consoles and removing apartment unless I want to go clown car mode, I'll make adjustments and see if I can get this down to 50.