jmbostwick 91

Based heavily on The Modern Prometheus v. 2.0 by @Seamus with only minor changes to increase the effectiveness of the deck: #Faust takes the place of #Atman, #Refractor takes the place of #Zu.13 Key Master, #Medium replaces #R&D Interface, etc. Won a small store championship (seven attendees) going 4-0.

14 Mar 2016 jfaulkner8

I borrowed some ideas from this deck. I love the Medium for constant pressure. I've got an SMC in case I can't find something and it works great with stimhack. I wanted to like the Supplier but I haven't been able to make it work as well as 3x Career Fair.

14 Mar 2016 jmbostwick

Yeah, the initial version of the deck had SMC in it, and you do miss that ability to search for what you need at times. I just needed the influence elsewhere, and I found that I never had a ton of money lying around, which made it hard to use effectively unless I managed to grab my one Stimhack.

As for The Supplier vs. Career Fair; there are so many 2- and 3-cost resources that I want to play that I could never get them all out with Career Fair alone, so I ended up bankrupting myself if I couldn't get the right econ cards early. With The Supplier, I can consistently install whatever I want without fear of going too low on credits. It's also excellent for getting cards out of my hand early to proc more Safety First draws. I've found that the combo of two of each works perfectly: I can Career Fair whatever I need this turn, and use The Supplier for things that aren't as immediately useful or which would be a bigger tempo hit. It's not uncommon for me to throw e3, Brain Chip, extra Public Sympathy, Scrubber, or Dr. Lovegood on The Supplier while using Career Fair for the economic resources (Earthrise, Kati, Daily Casts, Data Folding). I'd give it another shot; it's surprisingly effective. On the other hand, I could easily see dropping 1x Supplier for another Career Fair and another Stimhack, or dropping both Suppliers for 1x Career Fair and 1x SMC.