7 point CI, double biotic edition

bblum 4237

Warned you about noise, told you dog, &c &c.

Won my SC with this today; going 3-1, beating a hayley (despite saccon+clot+clone), a DLR andy (through 3 siphons), and a noise (who didn't draw enough peddlers), and losing to a noise. The 2nd biotic is a recent addition, and it's super key for beating noise (whether to combo with extra clicks/redundancy, or just to double biotic your EC in advance).

Better writeup of the combo here; this one's just the SC report version: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/32381/7-point-ci

Check out the puzzle thread on stimhack! http://forum.stimhack.com/t/7-point-ci-shutdown-puzzle-thread/6990

Runner deck: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/32709/normal-ass-hyperkate

7 Mar 2016 darwindeez

whoa, you went with the restructures over GLCs after all! can't say for sure i had anything to do with that, but i did argue it with you late one night on jnet, i think.

7 Mar 2016 bblum

Yeah, it was a bit of an impulse change. Kind of undecided on it, but leaning back toward restructure. GLC as post-vamp recovery is actually pretty lame, compared to the rushing power of early hedge into restructure.

7 Mar 2016 Ajar

Restructure seems reasonable. It wouldn't have helped me on Saturday, but I might try it out if I keep playing this.

Did you miss the Vipers? I kept 2 with 1 WoS and found they did a good job of being annoying, but I also found myself wanting WoS at times and not having it.

7 Mar 2016 bblum

Whenever a viper was annoying to the runner it felt good, but not necessary. When WoS is good, it's more life or death.

20 Mar 2016 Ch40s Th30ry

I get how you beat double Clot, but what did you do against Clot + SacCon? Purging with clicks?

20 Mar 2016 bblum

There are a number of scenarios for beating saccon in the puzzle thread, forum.stimhack.com ;)

20 Mar 2016 Ch40s Th30ry


21 Mar 2016 Ch40s Th30ry

I've been having a lot of fun playing this deck, and figuring out the puzzles. But is it worth learning how to play it (although the mental exercise alone kind of does make it worth it) or will this deck just get completely hosed if CBI Raid should become popular?

21 Mar 2016 bblum

I think CBI raid will not be popular in the long term, at the very least. You might need to put it away for a season while the "new card hype" dies down. Alternatively, the other day on stimhack, kiv theorized that you could set up your CBI ordering to do something cool with AD even as you draw through it (like scoring an EC). Need to practice that to see how consistent it can be.

21 Mar 2016 Ch40s Th30ry

Thanks for the quick answer. I think the only effective application is CBI + Keyhole, we'll see if this actually pans out and is worth dedicating deck space to. Guess I'll try something else for Regionals, played NEH FA in the store champs on Saturday but it's annoying if you face shaper.

21 Mar 2016 bblum

All corps have a good handful of matchups they struggle to right now. I'm fine scooping to CBI keyhole every so often as long as that combo doesn't, like, make DOTW or anything.

21 Mar 2016 Ch40s Th30ry

Yeah, you're right. Maybe I'll play it anyway, it is a lot of fun after all. And it still has better chance against multi clot shaper than Fastro.