ETF Hybrid (FFG Store Champ 1st, 45 Players)

Fictional 1522

ETF Foodcoats/Fast Advance Hybrid

Went 5-2 at the FFG Store Champ

The deck basically plays itself. Make money and score agendas in any way you can. You can play never advance using your upgrades and campaigns to tax the runner. In this meta I try to fire as many ABTs as possible, sometimes even if jackson's not on the table especially against cutlery decks and Val.

Lately I've been starting to hate how fiddly breaker bay is in the normal foodcoats lists. Those decks seem to live or die on having the breaker bay. So I cut them and the eves for launch campaigns and restructures. Now the econ seems to flow more fluid and easily. You can build a single remote and the campaigns run out fast enough that you are always putting new cards in and threatening the never advance.

7 Mar 2016 kollapse

This may be the EtF deck I've been looking for. Regular Food seems to play to slow for my taste, I like the faster pace of this one.

7 Mar 2016 kollapse

I have to wonder though: is 1x CVS enough when running 3x Biotic as a FA plan?

7 Mar 2016 Fictional

@kollapse I would not run more than 1 in my meta because most runners around here aren't on clot right now, they are all on turntable for the fastro.

I've noticed that you can sometimes bait the clot out to tax the runner by installing in your scoring remote then using biotic. This way they have to find clot and still beat ash. Even if they get the agenda it often opens a scoring window for your next one.

I think if you really wanted another one you could probably drop one of the ash or one of the launch campaigns.

9 Mar 2016 moistloaf

interesting econ suite

10 Mar 2016 clercqie

Yeah the econ suite is great. I use a 2/2/2 split of Launch, Restructure and BBG, because the Grids are still great to chuck in your remote. I've always found their greatest use lies in giving you free defensive upgrade; this lets you be way more aggressive than otherwise.

But the untrashable (who play Kim right?) econ of Restructure is a godsend in this Whizzard meta.

14 Mar 2016 ZomB

In Business First do you replace the Restructures or the Launch Campaigns with Advanced Assembly Lines? Its worth 3 credits and a click when played at the start of the runners turn.

14 Mar 2016 Fictional

@ZomB It is definitely worth testing. I'm not sure if they would be better or not. You lose some no advance tricks but you gain efficiency.

14 Mar 2016 ZomB

I was assuming the AAL would be used to mainly install ice - and do so at the start of the runners turn after any end of turn/start of turn shenanigans.

16 Mar 2016 labattadm

I love this deck. It's simple yet flexible. I've never lost in the half dozen or so games that I've played with it; I'm not even a good player. This is going to be my new teaching deck.