spags.dec (1st place Gamers' Den SC)

Ajar 1593

tl;dr: I won a Store Champ with stock Fastrobiotics. I got to play against Sunny 3 times and didn't face a single Whizzard. Nothing to see here.

1st place of 19 players at The Gamers' Den in Cambridge, MN. 4 rounds of Swiss and a top 4 cut.

4-0 in Swiss and 1-1 in the cut, so 5-1 overall.

Wins over Sunny, Leela, Andromeda, and Quetzal in Swiss. In the cut, I lost once to Sunny and then beat the same Sunny in the finals.

The loss was one of those awkward ones that happen sometimes, I just kept drawing Explodas and nothing useful. Got my revenge in the finals, though, riding the train as fast as it could take me. No mercy.

Since this tournament I've changed the following:

-1x Archangel -1x DBS

+1x Little Engine +1x Wraparound

I'm very happy with those changes. Little Engine does work against a lot of decks.