Professional Waverider Kit

meatcomputr 1

I played Waverider Kit through many games and it is by far my favorite deck.

Through some constraints I have on data packs, I decided to tune the deck towards the late game. Compared to the original, this deck has a more involved endgame rig, with 2 extra cloaks, in exchange for the early-game strength of Ghost Runners.

I also opted to run one fewer Paintbrush, as I felt SMC provides sufficient access to mid to late stage rig programs. The Akamatsu Mem Chips also allow you to play the extra Cloaks earlier, and give you a larger window to use SMC.

9 Mar 2016 photon

I have studied and tested various builds of Surfer decks and suggest that you look into the combo Study Guide (SG) + Multithreader (MT). MT is very efficient and can be used for both breaking and strengthening SG but furthermore for Surfer as well! You may want to swap Employee Strike for Hunting Grounds which is very valuable especially for Surfer decks, depdends on the meta.

9 Mar 2016 Damien Stark

As a fellow Kit enthusiast, I would not recommend giving up Employee Strike. At the very least, swap it for Net Celebrity. If the Corp plays Cerebral Static, that's like an automatic Lose button for your Kit deck, so you need some Current you can play to knock it off the board. There are some other nasty Currents like Housekeeping or Enhanced Login Protocol where you'll be happy to have your Current, and there are other times where Employee Strike is practically an auto Win button (Blue Sun for the lulz).

That said, if you're literally playing only Refractor, you could probably afford to cut the Mem chips and Cloaks. 2+ Lockpick is enough to power Refractor and they don't burn memory, so reclaim the deck slots and spend your money on other things. Maybe RDIs.