Semi-stealth siphon spam Jess (4th SC Cracow,15 players)

Killian 24

Went something like 3-2 on the tournament but considering the fact that I constructed it day before and it doesn't have Faust, I'm pretty happy with it.

However, deck needs some improvements in terms of efficiency and speed of setup. On SC in Katowice (4th with 9 players, so it's nothing special) I have taken Escher and it was a good addition considering the fact that I run Gordian Blade. Snowball was considered but it's high installation cost and high usage cost turned me to good old Cerberus "Lady" H1.

Dagger is a beast in current meta with a lof of Ichis, Vikrams and Assassins.

14 Mar 2016 convoke

I just introduced my friend to Netrunner, and he picked this as his first deck. Don't have much to say/add, but thanks for making this!

14 Mar 2016 Killian

Thanks! :-)