Hooligans - Fear The Masses / Angel Arena Combo

stimmyrobbins 118

Hi all, Stimmyrobbins here! Are you sad that you didnt get on the DLR train early enough last year? Do you like seldom used cards? If you answer to these questions is yes then continue reading.

Deck is a build up to approximately a 26 card trash over two turns hopefully decking the corp. It seems like to me that Lukasz and Damon went back and reviewed all the seldom used cards and tried to find uses for them. Gingerbread my favourite FYI.

Siphon, liberated, armitage to 25-30 credits. Make sure wyldeside and political operative (drug dealer) are installed. At the start of your turn install angel arena with 20 counters. Start going though your deck drawing fear the massess (ramujan reliant) with your 3 last clicks. Hopefully, you would have gotten a breaker already if not pull those in when you see them too. (ie. When jinteki asks if you want to put fear the massess on the bottom you say no. then click to draw. Then continue to trash until you have no clicks and find the last fear the masses. Let wyldeside draw that next turn. Run hq with bhagat (ice carver) installed. Trash 7 same old thing ftm trash 6. Next turn same old thing trash 7, same old thing trash 6. Hopefully you have decked the corp at this point winning next turn. Angel Arena FTW.

The reasoning for not tearing through the deck with maxx which i have tried is that you end up with everything installed and in hand without cash or cards in rd. Obviously with this type of deck you cant levy. Trope is there to bring it all back again and eater through if you didnt complete the job the first time. or obviously if the corp trashed your rig. Use blackmail to slow the corp down early. Maxx also might trash i found up to 3 ftm which really ruins things.

Other inclusions could be bookmark to avoid hand trashing and being able to levy then start running.

Logos fits and will pull a couple of ftm to hand

Beach party chronotype obviously is a good fit too

The deck works in criminal too with drug dealer central breaker style. not alias though cause that card sucks. use mongoose and faeries.

Bhagat imo is a crazy card and might have a place in criminal anyway.

If you have read all this I would love for us as a community to build this deck so we can all enjoy it. Please post any insight.

Fyi ftm is not coded. The corp can use the /draw # command then trash to archives. click on fear the masses as the runner then click up and run hq. Jack out before succesful.

Thanks for reading,


10 Mar 2016 forktines

I think you may want to include a Hades Shard in case they ICE up Archives with something that Faust and Mimic can't deal with. I know the intent is to completely mill them, but what with all these 54 card Museum of History decks going around it might get a little tough. Love the Angel Arena include. Very savvy.

10 Mar 2016 lunchmoney

You talk about Bhagat but dont appear to have it in the card list.... Or am I missing something?

What are you doing to "Trash 7 same old thing ftm trash 6" (plus what does "ftm" mean?) as I can't see anything that trashes Corp cards.

Again, am I missing something obvious?

10 Mar 2016 lunchmoney

Just reread and it would appear you have also not put in Fear the Masses which appears to be crucial to your plan....

10 Mar 2016 stimmyrobbins

Netrunnerdb doesn't let you publish decks with cards that aren't legal. I had to add comparable cards. If you read the write up the first mention of the actual card has the substitute in brackets. @lunchmoney thanks for the comment. @forktines definitely Hades is a good include I agree. Trashing a trope will bring back any ftm and same old thing etc that you have used. You might have 3 or 4 counters left on arena you could use too. Thanks for the comment.