2014 Total Escape Store Championship - 1st Place Corp

ColoradoNetrunner 3084

March 16th, 2014 - Benjamin B's corp deck from the Total Escape Games' Store Championship. After three rounds of Swiss, Ben went 3-0 with this deck and finished in first place.

20 Mar 2014 Hongkong Koma

Tell me, why Strongbox?

20 Mar 2014 JoshuaSable

Ben here - Honestly I couldn't make up my mind between Ash and Strongbox for Agenda protection. Strongbox works pretty well with Replicating Perfection, though. Normally against Jinteki I see opponents drawing cards before making any runs to avoid net damage scares, then the mandatory run on a central server means that the extra click can be a big deal.

20 Mar 2014 skydivingninja

I'm so happy to see that Replicating Perfection won an SC. Only thing I'm a little iffy about is the amount of yoggable code gates. Why run both Enigma and Yagura, instead of one or the other to combo with your stronger code gates.

Also on the ice front, why Heimdall? Did Zaibatsu help and how?

21 Mar 2014 bubo

I'm really curious about how Zaibatsu performed as well. How did the ecnomy work for this deck, my version of Replicating Perfection imported Successful Demonstrations to supplement Celebrity Gift.

23 Mar 2014 JoshuaSable

My local meta had very little concern about Yog. Indeed, the only Yog I even saw was being used by a Kit deck. I was more concerned with having easily rezzed early ICE that could be put in front of HQ with the number of criminal decks at other local SC. My other ICE choices, especially the single copy ones, were mostly just for surprise factor. Jinteki doesn't normally need a lot of ICE because it defends itself in other ways. Money has very rarely been an issue with this deck. Between Celebrity Gifts and Sundew, I usually have more than enough. It's just a matter of knowing when to play Sundew and how to protect it depending on the Runner ID. Never play Sundew unless you have something that hurts to run at in front of each central server and the Sundews suddenly become much more expensive for the runner to get to.