Two Merls, One Pup (2nd @ Waco Store Championships)

WildM 288

Deck name is easy to remember but technically incorrect. I dunno man, everything is Shop nowadays.

Here's a deck concept I'm pretty excited about. Marcus Batty + Grail Ice + Chronos Protocol + Blacklist = trash all of their programs, snipe them from grip, then rez Blacklist if needed and enjoy an impossible-to-break scoring remote. If they don't want to run, go ahead and score out your HoKs/GFIs.

For some weird reason, rezzing a Caprice actually kept me from winning one match. Runner had one card in hand after a particularly nasty Merlin and I had two scored HoKs ready to fire (I wanted to see if they had an answer to the Merlin).

Anyway, there are a few improvements to be made. Add a GFI to reduce agenda density (replacing a Clone Retirement/Fetal), swap the Medical Breakthroughs for Fetal, etc. It's a side effect of last-minute deck decisions.

Still, try it out! The ability to add subroutines to Grail and then fire off Batty is great at turning half your ice into program trashes.

11 Mar 2016 PureFlight

I really like Chronos Protocol - glad to see it got you far in a SC!

Seems low on - are you clicking for creds all the time?

Why Quicksand over Wall of Static or Himitsu-Bako?

11 Mar 2016 RubbishyUsername

I'm gonna guess Parasite fodder on the latter.

11 Mar 2016 WildM

@PureFlight: If games lasted a while, money definitely became a concern. I've fixed that a bit by trading the Quicksands for Snowflakes. I'll also try dropping the Caprices for Medical Research Fundraisers or Restructures next games I play. It wasn't very often that those actually benefited me.