The Wombos of Wombodon Combo III: American Wombo

Shiiuga 1199


Phase 1: The Setup

The turn before the victory of your god damn dreams goes as follows:

  • Click 1: Install Mumbad Construction Co.. Preferably in a server protected by all the ICE I couldn't fit in the deck because of the money and combo pieces you need.
  • Click 2: Install your boy Action Jackson, preferably in another super beefy server protected with shit like Caprice Nisei and Ash 2X3ZB9CY. What was that? There was no deckslots or influence for either of those? OK.
  • Click 3: I dunno, click for a credit or something jeez. Sip an ice cold Pina Colada for all I care. (You should probably install a Cyberdex Virus Suite just in case).

You're going to need to be on 42 when your wonder turn begins, mkay? 28 if you can pick up a rezzed Curtain Wall first, and have 3x Accelerated Diagnostics and 1x Power Shutdown in your hand at the start of the turn.

Phase 2: The Ultimate Turn of Ultimate Destiny - Start of Turn, 42

Before your turn begins rez that Mumbad Construction Co. for 4, (leaving you at 38), allowing it to gain a counter when your turn begins. If you forget to do this then it's game over, chumpo. Now here is where the fun begins.

Hopefully by now your opponent has either conceded because you are so good at netrunner, or their head has exploded from the combo wombo waves your plays have been emitting. If for some reason neither of the above has happened, you spend 26 credits moving all your nice new advancement tokens OFF Mumbad Construction Co. and on to the 3 agendas for the viggedy-victory.

The obvious way to stop this is by literally turning up and playing a real deck against it, but the super obvious way is for the runner to install Clot on your big turn. Hopefully they'll be so dazzled that they'll forget to do this, or wait until it's too late. Remember: After click 5 everything you're doing is a paid ability, and you get to do all of your abilities (including scoring!) so there's no window for them to do it after the gap between Click 4 and Click 5. If they do somehow manage to see through the hazy blur of the super high level of netrunner you are playing, you have only one option: hope you started your turn with 3 extra credits to rez Cyberdex Virus Suite or something.

There are no other win conditions because backup plans are for cowards.


A couple of notes:

The agendas have to be public agendas so they are installed faceup, otherwise MCC won't work (it can only move advancement tokens to faceup cards).

11 Mar 2016 internet_potato

I think you missed playing the biotic labor from hand before the first jackson.

Otherwise, looks airtight! Congratulations on breaking netrunner.

11 Mar 2016 Shiiuga

Doesn't really matter. If it comes in to hand just bin it, and if not it'll be shutdown.

11 Mar 2016 gumed85

Here, hold my beer, I can do This! 11/10 for the write up!

11 Mar 2016 internet_potato

ah right, i'm dumb. I had the mental shortcut of "if you play biotic labor, you get a 4th click" in mind, when it should be "play biotic labor on your 3rd click and then you have a 4th and 5th click."

sorry to doubt you m'lord

11 Mar 2016 Shiiuga

To be fair I did my maths wrong initially and thought you needed to play the biotic click one and then play it again later but you don't.

11 Mar 2016 spags

Only 42 creds.

11 Mar 2016 Axlotl

I built a similar list using casting call and the 9/6 - after tucking it under the deck with Shannon Claire early game. You need a lot less credits, and only 2 Diagnostics, but it only scores 6 points. You'll need to score a 2/1 before the combo turn, which isn't to hard.

11 Mar 2016 Shiiuga

Pfft, anyone can win netrunner in TWO turns.

11 Mar 2016 Shiiuga

@spags a bargain wouldn't you agree

11 Mar 2016 cdwolstenholme

and then the shards ruin your day...

11 Mar 2016 el-zilcho

Rez Mumbad at end of runner's turn. Gains an advancement at the beginning of your turn. (4 spent, 3 remaining)

1: Power Shutdown (5 spent, 2 remaining)

2: AD -> Interns (Jackson), Interns (1st Agenda), Biotic (10 spent, 3 remaining)

3: AD -> Interns (Jackson), Interns (2nd Agenda), Biotic (15 spent, 4 remaining)

4: AD -> Interns (3rd Agenda), Dedication Hollywood, Dedication MCC (17 spent, 3 remaining)

MCC paid ability: Transfer 2 advancements to Hollywood (now at 5) and 2 to one 4/2 (25 spent, 3 remaining)

5: Advance Hollywood, placing 2 advancements on the already twice advanced 4/2. (26 spent, 2 remaining)

6: Advance Hollywood, placing 2 advancements on other 4/2. (27 spent, 1 remaining)

7: Advance Hollywood, placing last 2 advancements on other 4/2. (28 spent, 0 remaining)

Score 3 agendas.

I thiiiiiiink this works.

11 Mar 2016 el-zilcho

Crap. Made the remaining click symbols into credits symbols towards the end.

11 Mar 2016 el-zilcho

Crap again. You can't dedicate Hollywood. Stupid rules! Gotta dedicate the MCC and transfer it all over. So 32 creds in the end.

12 Mar 2016 bionicsheep

I realise critiquing this as an actual deck rather than a concept is missing the point, but why would you put in archers? Take them out and replace them with Bailiff when it comes out or Capital Investors for the $$$ and watch how the combo edges ever closer to Actually Achieveable.

12 Mar 2016 danosuke

I am going to fave this deck just because of the title

16 Mar 2016 acropolyse

You missed 1 tiny thing. Make sure ALL Leela players mysteriously cannot show up for the match and you are golden

16 Mar 2016 el-zilcho

Leela can't bounce the face up agendas.

16 Mar 2016 acropolyse

You speak the truth, plan well thought out XD