Garbage Man - One Man's Trash is Another Man's 3 Credits

CodeMarvelous 19754

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x3r0h0ur you are my netrunner waifu

Use cards, get money and a replacement card, install programs with Savoir Faire get clicks to install non program cards before your turn ends.

Testing deck. Finished version will have better write up.

11 Mar 2016 BoomFrog

Needs more siphon and a permanent source of link so you can use your forgers for value. I'd use medium instead of maker's eye and ditch the scrubber you should have the money to trash the right assets. Maybe use passport instead of zu and use two mediums? Then dyson mem chip would be your permanent link solution.

No crescentus?

Looks pretty good. :)

11 Mar 2016 sruman

Given Technical Writer, Autoscripter, and Savoir Faire synergy, I would say that Paricia would be a better fit than Scrubber here.

11 Mar 2016 Diegofsv

This is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!

11 Mar 2016 Diegofsv

I want to use CBI Raid in this SO BAD

11 Mar 2016 ANRguybrush

I'd really like to see off-campus-appartement here, but deckspace&connection is tight.

How is technical writer not a connection btw?

Good stuff, it could really put the spirit(pun not intented) into criminals again.

11 Mar 2016 CodeMarvelous

@sruman good call

11 Mar 2016 Shiiuga

@mcpba I always thought that technical writer was you doing reviewing all the shit you use for running for money.

11 Mar 2016 Chounard

Seems like it'd a bit of a bummer if a Street Peddler hit your Levy AR Lab Access. Is that ever a problem?

11 Mar 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Chounard no since we run 3 Same Old Thing

11 Mar 2016 Chounard

Oh, haha! I forgot that you can use SOT on Levy, since it normally removes itself before hitting the heap. Nice!

11 Mar 2016 djc6535

What exactly are you using Fall Guy for here? He only protects resources so you can't use him to re-use your breakers... and if you prevent the trash part of the cost of activation the ability doesn't fire, so you can't keep your tech writers around. What is he protecting?

11 Mar 2016 Shiiuga

Fall Guy in Geist is 2c and a card for one click. With tech traders down it could be 5c and a card.

11 Mar 2016 BoomFrog

@sruman paricia doesn't work on sansans or ash which hurts, and it takes up mu which is not great. You probably have enough autoscripter and savoir-fair targets each turn anyway.

11 Mar 2016 sruman

@BoomFrog Agreed but it is 2 credits cheaper and any extra money you need for upgrade trashing is offset by technical writer credits.

11 Mar 2016 Spaceman_Spiff

What's the point of the Savoir-Faire Autoscriptor combo aside from paying 2 credits for a click?

11 Mar 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Spaceman_Spiff yea it enables you to install breakers while running as you draw them.

11 Mar 2016 PureFlight

Okay, hear me out on this one... 1x Mass Install, although not synergistic with Faire, lets you burst-install B&E's, instantly raising all their STR by 3. Plus nets you 2 on Tech Writer (or 5 or 8) and is clickless with Scripter. I've definitely used it in my Geist deck to get into scoring remotes when the corp was relatively confident I couldn't b/c of the STR boost.

@Shiiuga @mcpba Agreed on Tech Writer's flavor, though it could have been more clear as "Technical Writing". Also, should've been a Job.

11 Mar 2016 krystman

This look like a great start! Eager to test this. My only issue: Forger seems to be so much weaker without Account Siphon or Underworld Contact. Sure, you'll make your Cloud Breakers cost 0MU. But it will be hard to find opportunities to use its ability. So I'm not sure if the 3x is worth it.

11 Mar 2016 666Raziel

I took the liberty to try your deck. It was the first time I had fun playing with Armand ! However, after few games, here are the changes I made : -1 Autoscripter -1 Street Peddler -1 Scrubber +1 Paricia +1 Scheherazade (great addition !!) +1 Access to Globalsec Next track : trying to switch Zu for Passport in order to include Clot... Anyway, thanks for the lead !

12 Mar 2016 RubbishyUsername

I was thinking "Clot doesn't really work without playing it at instant speed" and then I remembered Savoir Faire. That's a great call Raziel.

13 Mar 2016 Corence

I think this deck will really like the spoiled card, Sports Hopper. It gets you your link, and additional copies of it can be used to draw four cards. Without any support it is like a slightly weaker Quality Time, but every Tech Writer and Trader out makes it more efficient, possibly to the point where you're getting 3 credits and 4 cards!

13 Mar 2016 mostlysmart

Took this to a SC yesterday and it went 3-1... I think you're on to something here.

14 Mar 2016 konradh

This looks very fun and after two games I must admit it is also a blast to play!

It took my almost two years of playing netrunner to finally have both Autoscripter and Savoir-faire in one deck!

How's FA match up?

15 Mar 2016 ANRguybrush

Okay, someone has to ask this: Why are we not running 2xFaust instead of Corroder and Zu.13?

15 Mar 2016 Brendan

Because you only need Zu and Corroder for small things, costing less than 3 credits to break. A card in Geist is worth more than 3 credits (typically 2 credits and a card if you go by Fall Guy).

15 Mar 2016 fiveplus5is55

hey, awesome man. at how many credits do you usually fire technical writers?

16 Mar 2016 fiveplus5is55

So i tested it now on jnet, its marvelous. well done!

Including maker's eye and legwork over interfaces is great. I first thought interfaces fit better as it interact with the writers, but same old thinging a legwork becomes eco and harassing your opponent.
Autoscripter gives you tons of clicks during the game, Savoir -faire, though i haven't used it much, saved my ass twice : Once i ran into janus with 1 click left, i used Savoir- Faire to install mongoose , i gained a click ( this is correct i assume) and could use my remaining 2 clicks and all my credits to pump mongoose to break janus.

and yes, sports hopper makes this so much better, i am testing it now. I removed 2 forger and the plascrete for it.

Really, flatlining Armand is a task, no need for plascrete! I think even without the sportshoppers. You cannot be flatlined. Your HS is almost always on max, and you should have sth installed like street peddler or fall guys to give you further protection, and there there is forger , 3 of in your deck!

Tricky part of this deck is to know when to start running, because there comes a point when you need to run for eco!( popping those cloud breakers ) and deny opponent to go for further eco as he need to start rezzing ice. Also, when your deck size is low, maybe 6-7 left, you should run and use most of your clouds to draw to the bottom, before you levy them back. It's not easy to play but boy its strong.

17 Mar 2016 tzeentchling

Maybe Crash Space instead of Plascrete? Seems to fit better here.

17 Mar 2016 theraslich

Love your show!!!

4 May 2016 Rhaplanca1001

Is Forger the best thing to cut for the second and third Sports Hoppers? I would love to have more of it, but I dunno what else to drop instead.