The Well-o-Yellow Wombo-Combo

LeonardQuirm 968

The Wombos of Wombodom Combo III ( is a masterful deck. Winning by scoring the full 7 points in one turn? Superb.

Wait. What do you mean, it takes 3 agendas? And a ridiculous 42?

Rubbish. Let's do it with one agenda, and a mere 37. That's much more achievable. Not to mention which, NBN has all the great ICE for generating that money more quickly!

There's one small issue: don't do this in Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center. There's installing going on, and doing that when we are carefully setting up 3-card R&Ds won't work. Unfortunately, we need 16 influence - 15 isn't enough. Fortunately, there's an answer to that at the end of the cycle! This is actually a Harishchandra Ent.: Where You're the Star deck, but as decks with unreleased cards can't be published, you get it masquerading as NEH.

You know the basics: make sure you start a turn with Mumbad Construction Co. installed (don't worry, the rez cost is included in the 37 above) and one Jackson Howard. You'll need to have in hand all three Accelerated Diagnostics and the Power Shutdown. You also need to NOT have the following in hand - doesn't matter if they're in R&D or Archives; the two are about to get very cosily close together anyway. (Oh yeah, they also need to not be removed from the game. All those Archives Interface players are going to be looking very smug here). The Do-Not-Hold list contains:

Oh, and you need to have not had all three Project Beales stolen. Losing two is fine. That other combo deck didn't clarify all these conditionals, did it? Clearly leaving you to fall into them yourselves. These yellow decks are much nicer; we don't leave room for mistakes.

And yes, if your opponent has a way to insta-install a Clot you need a Cyberdex Virus Suite ready installed and an additional 3. Although if you are already holding a Project Beale, that'll let you get around the need to have the CVS ready installed. And if don't need that either, you can cut the credit cost for the combo by 5! See? Yellow provides you options too.

Anyway, combo details are fairly predictable: start with 3 and 37, and double-check that the runner did make a run last turn.

And boom! 13 uses of Mumbad Construction Co. to transfer all 13 agenda counters to the Project Beale, and score for 7. Lovely.

Welcome to Harishchandra Ent.: - where you really are the star.

11 Mar 2016 Linger

Not sure why it is NEH - if it will draw a card when you create a new remote by using first accelerated diagnostics.

11 Mar 2016 LeonardQuirm

I'll give you a hint: read the description :)

(It's actually Harishchandra Ent.: Where You're the Star but I can't publish a deck with unreleased cards)