And The People Cried for Food

aloofstone 1

Hello, Aloofstone here and I've come from the red plains to share what i've learned and what i believe to be the next big thing. I'd like to give a shout out to my friend Whackedmaki because with out him all of this would not be.

Let me tell you a story:

Long ago back in 2013 a boy, a mere lad, new to the joys and trials of netrunner looked out among the corps and saw red. a simple ID with simple wishes...kill them all. He looked to this ID with hope in his eyes and saw a possible future that spoke to him. That called out and said choose me. and he did. and he loved it, game after game he saw the static ridden runner fall before him. Even when his carefully laid plans fell to ruin still did the runner feel the sting of red. The boy new that this was the way to play. Never knowing what the day would hold. But a nagging problem began to take root. An insidious thought occurred to him...a thought that would send the boy away for years...the Red didn't couldn't make enough money for all the devious party favors his guest so desperately craved. but he knew there day would come. so he left... to await the time for his Reds return...

Fast forward to 2014...

The boy a man now wiser and more prepared to face the challenges the reds presented...but the landscape had changed, the cards had evolved and the man lost to the changing tides. What where these cards...Architect...NAPD....Faust...Caprice...NEH...he was a mere man among thousands and his old ways lost. Luckily the man had a friend...a mentor that had stayed...who had learned. So the man came back to the game. Poor in knowledge but great in spirit. Red still commanded his attention, but the problems remained. Surely something would done all his waiting could not have been for nothing? Were there no true goods?! Enter couldn't be true...couldn't have been what the man had dreamed of...what he had hope against hope would be, knowing in his heart it wouldn't? a test then. create a deck and test then he would see.

And did he after game on did he find others playing similar versions and he himself winning games that spoke to him...that resonated with him. Was he the first? no how could he be? one can not claim to be the first to see the can only claim to have prepared before it hit...and the man was prepared. Finally an ID in the colors that rewarded the man for his dedication...his love...his madness...How the people had called for freedom...How he would give them food.

yeah so basically I've been away for awhile and my friend got me back into it and I saw this idea and after remembering how this game works. I made this deck and played it and its supa good. try out give me your thoughts. 3 Caprice seems strong and with Marcus batty its actually like 4 and a half and then interns happens and just... you will be playing Psi games the runner will cry...and then you know eli is still good and NAPD is also still good sooo. yeah I recognize that you might want to take some of the sting out but with R&D digs all the time and multi accessing hands snare is real good. of course if you wanna only run 1 and instead just bluff the others (you are the red man after all) thats cool to. I just really like snare. Make a taxing server add a caprice and two batty's score nisei and then win the game? seems strong.

Thoughts welcome revisions welcome. Trash talked also welcome because hey i know this deck is good.