Yin [7th place at Atomic Empire Store Champs]

JDC_Wolfpack 111

Inspired by Yin, the top ranked World's PE deck. I swapped the Eli's for wraparound, Kitsune for Swordsman, and Targeted Marketing for Crisium Grid. It went 4-0 on the day against 2x Wizzard, 1x Maxx, 1x Gabe. The Crisium was useless on the day, I've played around with switching it back to Targeted Marketing. It could go either way for me, but while Account Siphon hurts, Eater/Keyhole wrecks this deck.

I got 4 kills on the day. First 3 games were against Anarchs.

1st Round - Maxx? I don't remember my opponents ID, I think it was Maxx but the game ended very quickly. I landed a turn 3 Mushin'd Overwriter and shortly after got a Ronin off.

2nd Round - Wizzard I got a turn 2 kill off a 4 advanced Junebug

3rd Round - Wizzard I got an early overwritter, but then I didn't see more damage for a while. Eventually got a kill of a double EMP after he hit a Fetal AI click 3.

4th Round - Gabe This game went on for quite a while. I was agenda flooded for most of the game. My opponent is one I play regularly and runs some expose cards so it was harder to get the quick win. Eventually around turn 13-16 he hit an overwritter. After that I was able to sneak out a Hiro, flip it at the end of their turn, and kill with the EMP.

13 Mar 2016 Saan

What the hell people are running on Overwriters like crazy? On turn 3? Leave that shit alone people!