Johnny B. Goethe

Axul 389

Hey there,

since i got asked a lot for the list today, here is my actual take on a Geist deck that i played at a Store Championship in Cologne today.

To be honest, Geist is not at his peak yet. Very cool cards coming in Mumbad Cycle that really help him get better. For example, in Business First, which aint legal here yet, the Tech Trader comes to really elevate him.

While i really enjoyed playing Geist since he got released, no matter how i build it, i always had the feeling that some matchups were too bad to play him at a tournament.

Not that i didnt try, but while my corp kept going unbeaten or like 4:1, Geist really suffered of mediocrity and losing as much as winning. Especially some Glacier matchups really depended on a good draw to keep up.

So yesterday, while getting my Noise ready to play at the SC, i was doing some fantasy bulding with Geist and the parts really came together this time. The dream of cheap running while drawing through the deck like a berserker and annoying the corp as much as possible seemed to be reachable.

I didnt have the time to test it against any deck out there, i got some games against HB and Weyland Glacier decks as well as some brutal Haarp Butcher Shop and Fast Advance decks, and while ofc not winning each game, the deck really felt good.

Why do you play 46 cards?

Because im bad and i dont know which card to cut.

So how do you play it?

Looking at the breaker suit, you will see its a wild mix of cloudbreakers, Faust, and some Grappling Hook combined with two e3 Feedback Implants.

Faust is for cheap Ice that i really dont want to use a cloudbreaker. Cloud Breakers are for Ice that Faust usage wouldnt be cheap. Grappling Hook for all the high strenght multi subroutine Ice, especially in combination with e3 and Crescentus its really good. The addition of e3 and Hook really made Blue Sun and Foodcoats doable.

Why that really aweful Planned Assault card thingy? Because i only have influence for one Maker's Eye. Sometimes, its ok to get a Legwork or Siphon with it, but its in mainly cause i only got influence for one Makers Eye.

How do you manage your economy? i have problems with decks that got a lot of assets. I ignore the assets if im not really ahead in eco and i can slow my opponent down. Main target is to kill the Crisium Grid on HQ, and there will be Crisum Grids on HQ a lot, and pressure the central servers while remaining able to rush a potential scoring server. Usually you can go two times at least into a scoring server, abusing the Geist carddraw and e3.

Why do you play three Forger and two Decoy? 24/7. A lot of decks in my region play 24/7 in Butcher Shops, and its really no harm at all when you can prevent two tags, drawing two cards for it. I really love Butcher Shops with Johnny. Against other decks, i use them after an account siphon to avoid the tags and draw cards, or i just use them on Faust. Yes, i could play plascrates, but these i install when im not sure if my opponent has a kill option, and if i figure he doesnt later, they still have some usage for me.

What are the cards that you would like to change? Mainly, its Firsk Investment Seminar, which can be really good at some times, and really crappy at others, and High-Stakes Job, which i can say the absolute same about. But still the combo of Crescentus on a first run on HQ and High-Stakes directly after, especially if the corp cant rez the ICE again, is priceless. Still, ill go with +2 Technical Writer -2 High-Stakes Job until Business First is legal.

I really want those Tech Traders to be in the deck!