half foods: 1st place Store Championship @ Astonishing Games

josh01 1690

just a store champ, 7-0. played against gabe, cutlery whizz, wyldside maxx, cutlery whizz, noise, noise, cutlery whizz

13 Mar 2016 anr_marsellus

That diverse Runner meta. Congrats on the win. Any elaborations?

13 Mar 2016 Argamas

Congrats! Can you tell us if you liked Agroflex or not? I hear a lot of mixed opinions.

13 Mar 2016 josh01

agroplex is good value independent of wyldside. i think a lot of people are getting confused about it. value is value

13 Mar 2016 magikot

With how much money the deck can make, I'm curious why the Eli instead of Ashigaru and Ash.

13 Mar 2016 moistloaf

gonna start with this for my palana testing. thx josh

13 Mar 2016 moistloaf

after a few games i would guess this was teched for anarch meta (understandably). ice suite seems pretty bad against breakers+money

13 Mar 2016 josh01

you don't want to trace anyone out with jinteki glacier, and ashigaru is arguably the most parasite-vulnerable ice in anr

16 Mar 2016 Simone Suka

Against shaper a 2 iced server costs a thing like 5 credits. Which is your plan against a pitchfork and similar?

18 Mar 2016 Chaos Walker

What were you running mate?

20 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

@josh01 Cheers for the write up bud!

21 Mar 2016 josh01

thanks Mechanoise :)

22 Apr 2016 CapAp

This deck is bad.