Sponsorship NEH - 1st SC Västerås

Warpstoned 776

I won a 12 man SC with this deck paired with a Hayley chameleon deck.

It is very much alike other NEH decks with sponsorhip but mainly this one http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/32778/spags-dec-1st-place-gamers-den-sc-

My changes was -1 Turnpike +1 Little Engine. Because Little Engine is a boss. I wanted a little more ETR mainly when playing with 3 special offers.

Swiss rounds was weird with this deck. It played well and felt in control, but just had horrible, horrible luck with single accesses and last ditch attempts, loosing while on 5 AP with counter, 6 AP with counter, and 5 AP with counter respectively. Going an abysmal 1-3 in swiss. Win against Andromeda, losses against dumblefork, Hayley and Nasir(!)

I was ready to give up and go home, but I got the last spot in the cut on SoS.

While there the deck performed admirably, beting an Eater/Keyhole Maxx and the same Dumblefork as in swiss, letting me go undefeated in the cut.