Battlechip -1st place Pensacola SC

Dothanite 376

This was a deck inspired originally by LSK's Theory of Chaos Theory deck back in December last year. I played around with it and loved the concept behind it. Really wanted to update it and here we are!

The deck won a very small SC in Pensacola. It never dropped a game, though I did get a timed win because my corp, a no-fun Gagarin, took way too long for most of the day.

The idea behind this deck is to do the following:

  1. Use all Hyperdrivers
  2. Vamp the Corp
  3. CBI Raid the Corp
  4. Keyhole as much as you desire
  5. Run Archives
  6. With remaining clicks, play a Notoriety (or three)

To that extent it doesn't sway far from LSK's original deck. It is different in how you get there.

I love NetChip. I can host all the important programs without any fear of MU, and it's very easy to get them out with Hayley's ability. Replicator just speeds up that process. I once had two Reps out during a game and by turn three I was set for the rest of the game, thinning out my deck with ease.

This may seem like a lot of set up, but it's relatively quick to do.

Even if I didn't win the same turn I went full jank, I set myself up to win within the next few turns. Part of knowing this deck is knowing what to expect from your opponents. I keyholed to no end against a well established PE player, knowing fully well he had a Jackson on board hidden in one of his then-several remotes. I pulled, after Jackson, 5 points from Archives, and, because of Vamp, he was too poor to protect himself from future keyohole runs.

One sensible option during The Big Turn is to use your newfound clicks to gain credits off of Magnum Opus.

If I play this deck more I will most likely take out Stimhack. It's such a great card, but it was useless for me the entire day. I drew it when it wasn't needed, and by the time it could have been slightly useful I had to ditch it a few turns before. I'd probably take that and change the Cerberus "Lady" H1 to a Corroder, change the new card slot to a Levy AR Lab Access, and switch out the Scavenge to a third Sure Gamble.

14 Mar 2016 StarryVeck

I was in Pensacola in the summer. I nearly died from the humidity and then got an absolute bastard of a hangover.

15 Mar 2016 Clyderd

If you are going hard with the net chips would an overmind do better here with the free mu and clone chips?

15 Mar 2016 Dothanite

@StarryVeck welcome to the southeast! The crew from Pensacola are very close to my town's Netrunner group and we support each other when we can. They're great peeps!

@Clyderd I actually pay no mind to where I install my programs, as long as they get on the board. As much as I love Magnum on a NetChip when I have them, I need to get it out ASAP. It might work for someone, but this deck is janky enough to have to worry about MU.

15 Mar 2016 bkirz

This deck looks really fun to play! Seems like the mega-turn you described in your description would work poorly against Haarp; what do you think about swapping out the Stimhack for Employee Strike?

15 Mar 2016 Dothanite

Man, do what works for you. If Haarp is rampant in your area you should absolutely do the switch.

In LSK's original list he speaks about using the Stimhack to get into their remotes while you're building up your combo. I would definitely check out what he has to say about piloting his deck, which is linked at the the top of the description. My problem comes from only having one because of the MWL. It would be ten times more useful if I could draw it soon/multiple times. Right now I'm leaving it in to see what I need to do to make it better.

17 Mar 2016 W4lt3r B15h0p

Technical Writer over the Stimhack. It feeds off Haley's ability and can fuel a big run.

17 Mar 2016 Dothanite

@W4lt3r B15h0p that definitely works. It doesn't help early game if you're trying to get in a remote, but I haven't been doing that anyway with Stimhack Since I can't seem to draw/hold it at the right time. Worth a shot!