Endless breakfast

InanimateLog 441

Hayley is hungry.

Endlessly hungry.

Endlessly hungry for breakfast.

But simply installing one breakfast isn't enough. She needs more. She needs to replicate her breakfast, install it, then replicate it again; all while while writing about her breakfast experience.

But Hayley is no fool. She will not accept the regular consumer-grade breakfast. Only the finest will do, and she gets it from a man on the inside. Soggy breakfast gets sold to Aesop.

Unfortunately, not all ice can be broken by sitting around and eating breakfast all day. Security Nexus deals with problematic ice. e3 Feedback Implants is a nice support card and works against bioroids. You can even trade in your soggy breakfast for it.

If you run out of breakfast, chips will have to do. Just remember to go to the Levy AR Breakfast Lab every once in a while.

13 Mar 2016 Mechanoise

Can't...Hit...Like Button...Enough...

14 Mar 2016 pinkj

This breakfast is worth trying I think.

21 Apr 2016 CommissarFeesh

I think Grim might stop you being hungry for a while.