Mumba NEH 2.0 (3 times SC 1st place)

Shmeguy 1589

Current version of my horizontal NEH deck, after winning 3 store champs with it. -1 Blacklist -1 Chronos Project from the previous version, +1 BN +1 All-Seeing I. I've found that having all the 2/1s really helps with getting rid of Hacktivist, which can otherwise kill this, also lets you trigger team sponsorship more often, and lets you chain 2 agendas in one turn more easily. All-Seeing I is my new favourite card in this deck, and with 3 BN, it is really easy to fire, while also making the Leela and MaxX DLR matchups really one-sided. The downside of having all four 2/1s is that turntable cant hurt a bit more, but overall I think it is still worth it :)

15 Mar 2016 Ciremya

Whizzard is a bad matchup no ? How do you play versus it ? Because all your money is based on your asset ! (exept sweeps week)

15 Mar 2016 Simone Suka

I've won a store with Wizz and a very similar neh (cut turtleback, add special offer and a second biotic, only 1 breaking and 3 explooda, but very similar ). It is a bad match up for Wizz and you need to install more assets he can deal with. And rush behind a wraparound /engine

15 Mar 2016 Shmeguy

Whizzard is actually an even or even favoured matchup. He can try go after your assets, but you can actually drown him in targets, to the point where he cannot get set up, contest remotes AND pressure centrals. You can profit 3 from mumba temple before whizzard comes to trash it if you rez it at the end of his turn, which is close to sweeps week levels of money. Team sponsorship to undo all of his work trashing things is pretty key, and the maths comes out in your favour when you consider that you are making money from turtles and drawing cards, and he still has to pay 2 to trash sansan. I'm doing 3 Sponsorship and 2 Turtles now, to counter Noise and Whizzard that put your assets in the bin :)