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Let's talk about assetspam for a minute. We've had a lot of those in recent memory, be it Gagarin, Near-Earth Hub or Pãlanã Foods. And throughout this, one thing has become abundantly clear: facing them is unbelievably boring. Sure, they can be beat, with Medium deep-digs or strategic trashing of assets. But in the end, we're just making the matchup even.

And I don't want an even matchup, I want these bastards gone. Not because they're necessarly the most powerful decks, or the most consistent. It's because they make the most boring and tedious matches of Netrunner I've ever played. So let's chase them out of our metas, out of our sleeves, and out of our databases.

They are not unbeatable. They have weaknesses. We can exploit them.

Low ICE density

Let's punish that by punishing centrals. Eathole supported by the regass anarch breakers punishes R&D hard, and Wanton Siphon keeps HQ in check. In addition, Run Amok and DDoS punish low ICE.

A bunch of assets

Hacktivist Meeting. If they want to tax us on credits, let's tax them on cards. They won't be able to rez their glut of assets without dropping their entire hand. Overload their Jacksons and either HQ or Archives will contain agendas.

Apocalypse is our second punishment. Let them set up. Let them rez their Temples and Turtlebacks and Museums. Let them invest their cards in the board. Then, Eat them up, spit them out, and blow up the world.

Queen's Gambit is an influence-free Lucky Find if we can target assets, and with all the asssetspam decks running around, we can.


Their strength lies in their ability to outlast you, but this creates an opening for burst plays such as Apocalypse, Wanton Destruction, or Keyholes. Simply slogging through the process of trashing their stuff, one at a time, isn't enough anymore because of Museum of History. But they can't recover from a Siphon fast, and that's when you need to strike.

14 Mar 2016 Gared

Let's talk about Siphon/Keyhole Spam for a minute. We've had a lot of those in recent memory, be it MaxX, Whizzard or Valencia. And throughout this, one thing has become abundantly clear: facing them is unbelievably boring.

14 Mar 2016 pang4

Touché, my friend. In this age we must fight fire with fire. I would rather play my Professor deck until time ended, and that neither of these decks were a thing. But that is not the reality we live in. And if I must be boring to destroy greater boredom, I will do so.

14 Mar 2016 Gared

Instant respect for a polite response. :) And don't get me wrong I admire the passion and the enthusiasm. In the end, this is exactly what the game is about, thematically too, in that one side changes strategies and the other responds to it. The Jank is still alive though my friend, so don't lose faith :) Rock that Professor deck!

14 Mar 2016 pang4

Was there any alternative to a polite response? There are too many trolls out there as it is, and while I would love to see a Shaper card called "Trolling", I don't care for it when dealing with people.

14 Mar 2016 Heartthrob

This list looks familiar...netrunnerdb.com

14 Mar 2016 Heartthrob

But yes, I think it has a chance to hurt horizontal decks. I've been testing a version with no Levy/Yog to fit in more Siphon (though maybe that should be more Apoc instead). The original architect of this deck has changed his up a bit. It's very good.

14 Mar 2016 pang4

Yep, it's derived from that deck (as can be seen in the "derived from" section), but I tweaked it to fit Hacktivist Meeting and a bit more money.

I've thought about adding Investigative Journalism to make it easier to trash stuff, but maybe we're already punishing them hard enough...

14 Mar 2016 Gared

@pang4 I should have added a winking smiley at the end of my first post, so you knew i was being light hearted, otherwise it would be easy for you to think i was just being a dick. :)

14 Mar 2016 Dothanite

How do you go around Hostile Infrastructure? Seems to be all the hotness these days. I can see a case made for Account Siphon spam, but Temples and rezzable assets in general hurt this strategy.

14 Mar 2016 pang4

Camp unrezzed remotes. When you're trashing stuff, you can usually sniff out the Infrastructures before using Apocalypse. Just being aware of the card, and playing around it is usually enough.

14 Mar 2016 podoboyz99

But in your description you say spending time trashing assets is a waste of time... That's what makes the museum decks good, you don't have time to check all the unadvanced remotes, and you don't have money to trash all the ones that matter. Sure you will ruin whoever brought Gagarins day (and by ruin I mean you will have a 60% win rate), but you can fall on your face to almost any other deck. There were cards that were in that Valpocolypse deck for a reason, and now those answers to other stratagies that the deck packed are gone.

So I guess my point is, that if you REALLY don't like museum decks, you have he option of playing this, but I think player skill is a bigger factor in who wins in a matchup with a museum deck. That's precisely why I like the museum decks in the meta right now, they raise the skill cap of the game, where something like doesn't.

15 Mar 2016 michaeln

Playing against a deck featuring Hostile Infrastructure the other day, I also realised with a shock that a Keyhole run has the runner trash one of the three cards that they look at off the top of R&D. So, you really do need to deal with those somehow.

15 Mar 2016 Pilltechre

A Quest Completed to play instead of Apocalypse when they rez Hostile? At least you can kill it there and then and still be alive to Apoc later. Might be a bit too hopefull to have them both in hand but its an option.

14 Apr 2016 UmJammerSully

Councilman is how you deal with Hostile. If it's rezzed, you get in there and kill it before attempting apoc. If it's not rezzed, an installed concilman has got you covered provided you have the 5 creds ready.