Government Food: Now with Sea Shells! - Feedback Welcome!

CorpRunnerzoom 20

After not having a lot of luck with meat damage, I decided to take my limited cardpool and make some money with old school Weyland. Trying to make money and keep agenda density low.

I own I own 2 cores, all the expansions, What Lies Ahead , Trace Amount, Cyber Exodus, Future Proof, Opening Moves, Second Thoughts, True Colors, All That Remains, Fear and Loathing, and Breaker Bay.

15 Mar 2016 DarkMite2

If you are not trying to kill the runner it is really going to be hard to score out those 5- 3 agendas with the ICE / Assets / Upgrades you are using. I will say that if you are going to use Shell Corporation then you need to add an ambush / trap card like Project Junebug or Shattered Remains to protect it. . GL! =)

15 Mar 2016 enk

Apparently Takeover has been shuffled around so much that it's disappeared from the deck entirely. That is some next level agenda hiding.

15 Mar 2016 CorpRunnerzoom

Lol I edited the list but not my description. Sorry about that!